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Why settle for short or thinning hair! When Noelle Salon can grant your wish to don beautiful and long hair in no time

At Noelle Salon, our professionals strive hard to create attractive and glamorous hair styles that actually compliment your fashion and looks in a more fulfilling manner. We are the leaders in the industry of haircare, hair treatment and hair styling. Offering hair loss solutions for more than three decades, we don't keep you waiting to treat your hair with whatever service you want from you. Thanks to our full fledged hair integration technology. We are recognized as one of the best African American hair salon in Boston.


We bring you the best in class natural Remy Human a hair extension solutions. We also offer in-house  hair pieces that complement your looks perfectly. "Pure" is our specially designed in-house haircare product line available exclusively for our clients. This product line is crafted exquisitely for treating extensions and replacement pieces. 


Noelle Salon - Transgender Friendly Salon

Noelle Salon announces the introduction of the Noelle Crown Hair Extensions done with finest quality and 100% natural European hair. The best part about European hair extensions is that this takes only 30 seconds to attach. We have a patent pending mode or design of applying it and this makes it one of the easiest extensions to wear. We offer 10 colors in a  wavy hair texture depending that adds lots of body. You can curl or flat iron depending on your mood.


We are the best hair loss solutions Boston haircare and hair styling brand and have premier haircare professionals working with us. Whether you want gorgeous extensions or solutions for hair thinning, we are always prepared to take care of your needs to gift you the dream hair experience.
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