Welcome to the world of glamour and beauty where Noelle Salon transforms you from the girl next door to the gorgeous diva with exotic flowing hair. We deliver exclusive hair extensions solutions for our clients and they simply love our work. We have the best hair styling professionals onboard to give you the makeover that you desire.


Specializing in exotifying hair extensions Boston solutions, we work especially with natural, Virgin Remy hair that's never been processed, colored or even dyed. Our exclusively designed hair extensions are brought mostly from India, China or Kazakhstan. You might opt for synthetic hair extensions but they wouldn't render the gorgeous and stunning effect of the Remy hair extensions. These are high quality hair extensions that are sure to last for a longer duration provided, they are maintained carefully. The Virgin Remy hair from Eastern Europe tend to be better in terms of longevity.


We are one of Boston's best salons for hair extensions and following are some of the top extension types that we work on and here we show you how can maintain them for better results every time you wear them. Our experts are here to guide you with the best techniques to maintain your extensions with optimum perfection. One thing that you must remember about hair extensions is that you should never apply improper types of extensions or the extensions that have been used extensively as that can cause major hair loss for you.


We are among Boston's best hair extensions specialists and we always ensure that your own hair is equally protected from any kind of damage even as you are wearing our extensions. We use different methods to install extensions, be it temporary or semi-permanent methods. Not only your expectations, we also focus on the perfect match of the right color and texture of the extensions with your hair.

We always insist that your hair should have a proper length for the extensions to be installed properly. For instance, if you have really short hair, may be less than 4 inches then attaching extensions can get tediously tough for the stylist. The first step to knowing about the conducive conditions for doing hair extensions is to get consultation session with our stylists, absolutely free. In case you want to buy extensions, or you are aspiring to learn about hair extensions installations, you can find us at Noelle@NoelleSalons.com.


Learning about the different options for Hair Extensions in Boston

Keratin Strand-by-Strand Hair Extensions:

We deploy a completely unique technique of melding a small part of Remy hair, which is almost as minute as a grain of rice with your original hair, may be in layers to reach a length so that the entire thing looks perfectly normal. The extensions are installed at a gap of 1/4" from your scalp through micro attachments. This is done specifically to let your hair grow smoothly without facing any difficulties.

These installations mostly last for 4 to 5 months and the best part about these original Remy hair extensions is that they can be curled, flat ironed, styled and even colored just like you would do for your natural hair. These extensions are comparatively lightweight and they simply enhance your natural beauty. You might find Virgin Remy hair to be a bit costly but as a product it is the best to use, both in terms of comfort as well as looks. When attached with HairLocs, they can be used consistently for almost a year.

Micro-Link Hair Extensions

We are the Best Hair Extensions Boston specialists and every time we are very particular about our techniques. Micro-Link Extensions installation technique is almost the same as the Keratin Strand by Strand process, except for one change that a small metal link is attached to your hair as the individual extensions are placed through a tube and hung down. This type of extensions last for apparently 2 to 3 months and with proper maintenance these attachments can be put to use again.​

Tape Hair Extensions:

In this process, the hair is sandwiched between your hair and almost 20 tape sandwiches are formed to get that perfectly long hair look. This attachment lasts for apparently 4 weeks minimum and 8 weeks maximum, until the extensions are taken away and the process is repeated for re-use. Proper maintenance can let you use the extensions for almost a period of 8 months.​​

Micro- Link Wefts:

In this process a track of hair is linked with the metal links (just like the ones used in micro link extensions system). 
However, here the strands are not clipped individually.


In this process 5 to 10 hair tracks are clipped in different parts of your head with small combination like clips. However, it is advisable not to wear them regularly as the clips can damage your hair follicle.

Hair Weaves

In this process your hair is braided intensely to look like cornrows as your entire hair is brought into the braids. This process can result in tension or lead to traction alopecia, however, you can make it last till 8 weeks with careful maintenance.​​

Halo Hair Extensions: 

In this system, the extensions weighing almost 100 to 200 grams are put on a string and this entire set-up is attached to your head through a unique monofilament string that is primarily balanced on the circumference of your head.​​
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