we work exclusively with Virgin Remy Hair – never processed, colored or dyed.
the most natural, beautiful hair extensions money can buy.

The world of hair extensions and their origin is quite mysterious, since most extensions come out of China, India or Kazakhstan. Some people on a budget use synthetic hair which can not be curled/flat iron or processed in any way. The higher grade hair lasts the longest and that is generally virgin from Eastern Europe. 

Below are the popular types of hair extensions and each need to be maintained in a particular way to achieve longevity. We will help you with techniques to help your extensions last longer.  Please know that improperly applied or overused hair extensions can cause hair loss.  As the leading experts in hair extensions in New England, we are your best choice for ensuring your own hair is protected when wearing extensions. ​

When it comes to application, there are several methods, from temporary to semi-permanent. Proper color and texture match is essential as well as your expectations. If your hair is shorter than 4 inches - hair extensions can be a challenge.​

Inquire with an Online Consultation or come into the salon for a free consultation.  If you’re a salon looking to buy hair extensions, or want to learn how to install them, contact Noelle@NoelleSalons.com.

Hair Extension Options

Keratin Strand-by-Strand Hair Extensions:
Our revolutionary design melds a small attachment of Remy hair about the size of a grain of rice with your own hair, either in layers one length, to achieve a perfectly natural look. Our extensions hang individually by tiny micro-attachments placed 1/4" away from the scalp so your own hair can move and grow!  Last 4 to 5 months. You can curl, flat iron, color and style as you would your own hair. The hair is a lighter weight and moves beautifully.  Virgin Remy Hair might cost a bit more but it wears better than any other product and if you attach it with HairLocs, it can be reused up to one year.

Micro-Link Hair Extensions

Micro-Link Hair Extensions are applied the same as Keratin Strand by strand, expect a tiny metal link is threaded into clients hair and an indivual extension is put into the tube and clamped down. These are popular on the West Coast, last approx. 2 - 3 months and then need to be brought up. The hair is reusable.​

Tape Hair Extensions:

Hair is sandwiched between clients hair and approx. 20 tapes sandwiches are effective to create longer hair. Last 4 to 8 weeks, are taken off and re-taped making the extensions reusable up to 8 months or so.​​

Micro- Link Wefts:

A track of hair is linked in with the same metal links as micro link hair extensions 
​except the strands of hair are not individual.


5 - 10 tracks of hair are clipped in separate areas of the head with tiny comb clips. These can cause damage to the hair follicle if over used and worn daily.

Hair Weaves

Hair is breaded in cornrows against the scalp and all tracks of hair are sewn into the braids. Can cause tension and may lead to traction alopecia. ​Lasts up to 8 weeks.​​

Halo Hair Extensions: 

Hair on a string - a large track of 100 - 200 grams of hair are attached to head on a monofilament string which is balanced on the heads circumference.​​
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