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What will they think of next?  Your having your hair done and a cute little lady named Florence Mathias a renowned psychic medium proceeds to tell you your future.  "She looks like Betty White and is a spit fire!" says Margo a longtime client of Noelle Salon.  I asked Florence a simple question and she was right on - in seconds I received a psychic reading.  She mesmerized me with her accuracy and charm.  Margo has her hair extensions done a few times per year at Noelle Salon and only books in when Florence Mathias is doing psychic readings.  Florence is also a medium that gives messages from the "other side" that are spot on!

Have a psychic reading on the busy floor of Noelle Salon.  Time will just fly by.....
private area for private psychic and tarot readings

"In our salon we have books on Astrology and Mysticism that our clients can not keep their hands off" explains Noelle of Noelle Salon.  "Then a light turned on - my favorite tarot card reader Florence could answer simple questions about love and life for our clients" explains Noelle.  The first time she started tarot card readings for our clients , I knew she would be a big hit!

Touched by an Angel - healer and medium Florence at Noelle Salon

Noelle Salon clients spend hours in salon especially those with hair loss having hair replacements, hair extensions or even colors.  Florence makes the time fly by and is quite insightful.  "I suffer from hair loss and Florence put me at ease - her psychic reading and wisdom filled my heart!" a hair loss suffer exclaimed.  This client left with a skip in her step with her inspired knowledge!

Whether your a client of Noelle Salon or plan to be one - plan on having the experience of a life time by chatting with tarot card reader and medium Florence Mathias.  In sight is never a bad thing and we believe in miracles!

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