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Reality TV has certainly brought to light that women do not make good friends   Just look at the drama queens of any Real Housewives, Mob Wives, Love and Hip Hop, Jersey Shore.....  They are all laughing on the way to the bank.  Really now?  Is this business of "Frenemies" television sensationalism or reality. Just think Jerry Springer Show and how many BBF's cheat with their friends man. 

Are we as women really that jealous and "Mean Girls!"  We really look bad as gender and it is time to stop fighting against each other and stick together.  It is pathetic that we can have long and lasting relationships with our guy or gay friends.  In my opinion the competition between friends leads to hatred and jealousy.  Therefore, most mean girls are out to sabotage one another.   It is common knowledge that there is power in numbers and  women  should stick together (1) by not being attention mongers (2) not cheating with their friends man  (3) NEVER dating a married man  (4) watching their friends back  (5)  honest advice to help their friends.   If the above rules are followed and their is mutual respect, then women will be on top and men will not be holding all the cards.

Do you want to be labeled as a "Mean Girl?"



1)  Dump the "Frenemies" in your life!  If your friend is more of an enemy to you filled with jealousy, then they should not be in your life.

2) "Practice What You Preach!"  Be a good friend, not a Mean Girl gossiping behind your friends back!

3)  Gentle Honesty?  "Does my butt look fat in this dress?"  Your answer - you have a great shape, but this dress is not the most flattering.  A sincere answer leads to sincere friendships.  If you have a special talent, let's say Remy hair extensions, then help out your friend

4)  Do not try to show your friend up in front of her man or a new man.  Share the "spotlight"  and appreciate your individual talents.

5)  Be friends with women of your caliper - this will help to ensure your on an even playing field without any envy.

6)  Remember KARMA  -  You must be a friend to make a friend.   Support your friends!  Be there for the good times and the bad.

7)  Do not give into the DRAMA of Reality TV, i.e. Real Housewives and shows of that nature, where women are so catty and turn on one another from episode to episode  - STOP WATCHING THIS NON-SENSE it is emotional pollution

Real Housewives of New Jersey horrible friends and in-laws

8)  Raise your daughter's right, teach the new generations to love and respect their friendships and stick together!!!  Do not expose them to warped Reality TV such as Real Housewives of any city!

9) Take heed if your girlfriend hates her sister(s), sister-in-law(s) and speaks poorly of her friends.  She will do the same to you!

In my profession, it is my goal to make women beautiful and increase their self-esteem.. We are not Mean Girls and there are plenty of men to go around, do not mess with your friends man.  Consider yourself lucky if you have at least 3 real friends. 

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