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The truth is high levels of Stress can cause certain hair loss in women.  Alopecia Areata a condition which causes bald patches is related to stress.  White blood cells attack the hair follicle ceasing hair growth and causing hair loss. 

Hair Loss in women

Stress also is a factor with Trichotillomania, the urge to pull  out ones hair from the scalp, eyebrows and body.  Stress promotes anxiety and frustration exasperating this condition. 

Emotional and physical stress causes Telogen Effluvium - hair is pushed into the "resting phase" and hair may fall out.  These hair loss in women conditions can be temporary, therefore it is important to seek stress relief. 

At Noelle Salon we offer stress relief with an aesthetic approach, giving clients back hair via hair systems and hair extensions.

Reiki Healing for Stress Relief

We can assist in healing from the inside out through the use of Reiki Healing.  Linda Sessa, of Sessa Salon in conjunction with Noelle Salon is a Reiki Practitioner with many years of experience. Linda is also a Holistic Healer with the ability to use plant life and essential oils to create shampoos which promote hair growth.  Reiki Healing is based on two Japanese words; Rei "God's wisdom or Higher Power" and Ki which is life force energy.  This is the art of "laying hands" which promotes healing.  Life force energy flows through all of us.  A treatment with Linda will leave you feeling a warm glow flowing through and around you.  Her healing hands will restore your spirit, promote inner peace, security and well being.  There is no religion attached to Reiki Healing, but it is a gift from God. 

Reiki is a perfect way to induce stress relief which can help you to relax and allow your hair to heal.  It is important to also seek medical attention, along with Holistic healing modalities.  For more details email

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