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There are varied types of techniques and products used for hair straightening purposes. The type of straightening you go for, depends greatly on the type of hair you have. Few factors that we look into are:

    Tightness of the curls
    How long you want the straightening to last
    Off course, your budget

We start working on your hair with the exclusive strand test to make sure that the straightener products and techniques work fine with your hair. We ensure to blend the straighteners containing chemicals that contradict each other. Having a free consultation and strand test conducted are the two important steps to begin with. Noelle Salon has longstanding expertise in straightening and working with varied hair textures.

Specializing in Hair Straightening in Boston, we use these products to deliver better results:


Hair Relaxer: Applying hair relaxers is one of the most affordable processes used since, 1900s. The product contains sodium hydroxide and works great on curly hair. The process mostly lasts between 4 to 8 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows and retouches can be performed every 3 weeks. However, the most important point is not to blend one type of hair relaxer with other types until the relaxer has grown out with hair.  This is sometimes considered to be permanent.

Offering high-end hair salon services Boston, Noelle Salon ensures to use straightening systems in sync with the hair extensions
Japanese Straightening
Chi is one of the products we prefer to use for Japanese straightening procedures. Ammonium Thioglycolate is one of the important ingredients in this product and is considered to be safe, while being used extensively for perms as well. This process involves three stages where flat iron is used to finally flatten your hair. Though we don't recommend using bleach in this process. This can be done only after strand testing is completed. CHI will grow out with time and retouching after regular intervals is needed. This straightening process lasts mostly upto 6 months and it is appropriate for curly hair types.

Keratin Protein Treatment - Also known as the Brazilian blowout
This is more of a temporary straightening method where the relaxer helps to remove almost 70% of the curls in hair and frizzy appearance is gone completely. This product straightens your hair and protein infusion makes the hair strong and protective for colors. The effect lasts up to 4 months and eventually the straightening fades away. This product works perfect if you stay in humid environment and have extremely frizzy hair. The Brazilian Blowout line of products that makes your hair all the more manageable and shiny at the same time. We also specialize in express Brazilian Blowout treatment that can last for almost a month's time. This is a comparatively speedy process.  
African-American Hair Relaxer

This process, unlike the Brazilian Blowout system, cannot be applied in conjunction with other processes or relaxers, simply due to the fact that this can result in irreversible damages. We ensure to use African American relaxers that usually come protective gel and various other kits minimize the damage to hair and help to maintain hair health to some extent.

Get a consultant session with us to learn about the hair straightening solution that are best for you. We are one of the leading hair loss Boston solution providers and we love to keep things short and accurate. Whatever the occasion, we have the right solution and the best products in store for you.  

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