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Hair Loss help for Men and Women

Women and men have many reasons for experiencing hair loss and hair thinning. Causes of hair loss can range from medical reasons, medications, nervous compulsive disorders, hair pulling, and genetics. Many who suffer from hair loss, regardless of the cause of hair loss, tend to suffer the embarrassment alone and in private. Gone are the days when anyone should have to wear a cap or a kerchief or some other means to hide the bad feelings that often follow hair loss.
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At Noelle Salon we offer revolutionary custom-designed hair integration systems that are low maintenance and affordable. The state-of-the-art integration systems we offer are natural, easy to maintain, and can oftentimes be mistaken by the actual person wearing one of these systems as being their own hair. Choose any of the links below to select which system is best for you. We offer custom made wigs, custom hair integration systems and custom hair extensions for anyone suffering from hair loss.
  • Custom Made Wigs
  • Custom Hair Integration Systems
  • Custom Hair Extensions for Trichotillomania
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Check out some images of other individuals who have elected to undergo a custom-designed hair integration system.

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