Over 10 years ago, many in the transgender community looked towards Noelle to help with "feminization" which includes hair extensions, wigs, makeup, temporary face lift techniques and styling.  Long before Caitlyn Jenner's transition, Noelle was working with the community - donating time and just lending an ear to those who needed advice.  Some of her clients have been living a dual life, with family and children which makes compassion and discretion paramount.
When Vanity Affair Magazine revealed the new "Caitlyn,"  local media rushed for Noelle's opinion not only on Caitlyn's transition but the more serious side of being transgender.  It is her goal to help beautify those who need her help, ad offer the support they need to feel comfortable in their skin.  Noelle is a member of the Tiffany Club of Waltham which is a meeting place for transwomen, and is part of their yearly "First Event!"  She also holds"Girls Night Out" at her salon which is a time to be free, and learn about makeup, hair and makeovers.  

 We offer free consultations in a private area, specializing in transgender makeup, beard coverage, and string lifting.  Our wigs are customized to suit head size too.  We will create the perfect look for you!​

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