6 Hair Hacks you can do at home

6 Hair Hacks you can do at home

Don't be fooled by the pretty packaging for hair products that are on the market today.  Some contain simple ingredients at an expensive price or they contain plastics or metals that will wreak havoc on your hair.  Below 6 hair hacks you can do at home,  they work better than some pricey products.


DIY Hair Hacks you can do at home6 Hair Hacks you can do at home

1)  Pam Cooking Spray - ditch your expensive shine sprays and opt for Pam Spray to enhance shine and control fly aways.   Apply on dry hair about 12 inches away from your head.  After spraying gently brush - I love a boars bristle brush for shine.

2)  Honey -  Looking to control your hair by not weighing it down with gels or add tons of shine/moisture.  Grab some honey and emulsify in your palm before applying on damp hair.  Start from the ends of your hair and work your way up.  Honey can also lighten the hair if you are outdoors in the sun and it is the greatest moisturizer ever!

3)  Coconut Oil -  The perfect pre-shampoo for those who do not want to use conditioner and weigh down the hair.  Put a few tablespoons in a microwave safe dish, zap a few seconds to turn the oil into liquid.  Apply to dry hair for approx. 1/2 hour to 1 hour before shampooing.  Shampoo and ditch the conditioner.  You will have flowing shiny locks.

4)  Mayo Mask - There are so many protein products from conditioners to leave in brands, but they contain 6 Hair Hacks you can do at home contain manufactured proteins that can break your hair, especially when over used.  Therefore, use a natural product like mayo!  Whip up the mayo with a few drops of your favorite essential oil (to help with odor).   Wash your hair, towel dry, apply mayo from scalp to ends, comb through to evenly distribute.  Leave in your hair as long as you can, but at least an hour.  Wash with your favorite shampoo - no need to condition.  You will have the most amazing shine!





5)  Perfume - Instead of dry shampoo which can be flaky/itchy, spritz a small amount of your favorite perfume towards your scalp.  Lift your hair in sections and spritz at a distance.  The alcohol in the perfume will help with an oily scalp and your hair will smell electric.

6)  Beer - Want bouncy hair?  Try beer in your hair!  Wash & condition your hair and for the final step - use beer as a rinse.  Beer will help to close your cuticle and has been known to help with the appearance of split ends.  If the odor is too much, add a few spritz of perfume!  

Let me know if you have tried these hacks by commenting below.  I am always here for more info.  Noelle




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