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Noelle is the foremost leader in the hair industry transforming trans women hair and consulting on hair styling, wigs,  and hair extensions.  With over 20 years experience, she will walk you through every facet of your hair needs. Hair is your crowning glory and you can trust her expert eye and hands to achieve all of your dreams.

When Vanity Affair Magazine revealed the new "Caitlyn,"  local media rushed for Noelle's opinion not only on Caitlyn's transition but the more serious side of being transgender.  It is her goal to help beautify those who need her help,  offer the support they need to feel comfortable in their skin.  Noelle is a member of the Tiffany Club of Waltham which is a meeting place for transwomen, and is part of their yearly "First Event!"  She also holds"Girls Night Out" at her salon which is a time to be free, and learn about makeup, hair  makeovers.  


We offer free consultations in a private area, specializing in transgender hair and styling.  Our wigs are customized to suit  size too.  We will create the perfect look for you!


Transgender 2020 Event Conference 




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Selecting a date and time that best suits your needs. Visit us the same day with a $50 Non Refundable deposit that will be applied to your services cost.

“"I finally found the best salon for me and my daughter, they really take the time to do an awesome job, plus when they color the hair they don't damage your hair and that's a plus, Thank you for existing. Best Salon ever."”
- MariaJose L.