Trichotillomania - BFRB

Body Focused Repetitive Behavior

Our approach to Trichotillomania a BFRB “Body Focused Repetitive Behavior” is one of compassion with the goal of not only helping our clients aesthetically, but our systems have been proven to create a barrier to help grow in hair.  

Our clients are of all ages, professions.  Some are physicians and swear by our technique.  We offer free & private consultations, private work area, reasonable pricing for human hair and compassion.  

Listen to our Hair Matters Podcast to help educate clients about Trichotillomania

Some insurance providers will pay part or in full for scalp prothesis.  You will need a physicians prescription and a paid receipt from us.  This work is our passion with a compassionate approach.  
At Noelle Salon our revolutionary custom-designed hair integration systems are low maintenance and affordable. Our state-of-the-art systems are natural, easy to maintain, and are so comfortable that even the person wearing them mistakes it for their own hair! 
  • Custom Hair Integration Systems 
  • Custom Made Wigs
  • Custom Hair Extensions for Trichotillomania
  • All Products Custom Created for Adults, Teens and Children
“You are enough, just as you are!”
- Unknown