Are Psychics Real?

Are Psychics Real?

Excerpt from Hair Matter Podcast, Listen to the actual podcast featuring Ellen Damsky world-renowned psychic medium. 


Welcome to Hair Matters a Podcast from Boston sponsored by Noelle Salon. Thank you for tuning in this week we have a special Guest Psychic Medium and friend of Noelle Salon, Ellen Damsky. We’ll answer the burning question - Are psychics real? She will also do a reading on Dan our salon coordinator and in-house comedian & his sidekick Malachi.

Are psychic Real

What is so impressive about Ellen is that she has a PHD in Philosophy!  She does not wear black and crazy get-ups! She has fabulous hair and you are a regular gal.

When did you first figure out you are psychic?

Ellen was born with an innate ability to read minds and see dead people.  She works on missing person cases with the police.  Ellen thought everyone was gifted like her until she ran into a deceased relative! 

I know you have worked with Police & FBI, what is your most compelling case? Do you think most psychics are frauds?

She believes there is a fraudulent activity in any industry, especially the psychic world.    She hesitated an answering about the FBI.

We can attest that your readings have come to fruition and so many of our clients have confirmed this! I think your best readings are without cards. Do you prepare for readings and how?

She likes to meditate prior to readings and prefers one on one interactions. let’s bring in “Dan” you do not know him, so can you give him a reading? He needs to find love - so please let us know when!!!!

Ok, now it is time for Malachi - I don’t think he knows much about psychics, but perhaps you can make a believer out of him!

Prediction breakdown:


His music career will soar, he will be playing tennis and get his driver's license.  He will quit work at BJ's. 

Ok, Dan what do you think - are psychics real?

Dan will have major success with Boston Wrestling, and his December 29, 2019 will be a great success.  He will be selling lots of raffle tickets to help children.  He will be walking better!  His prior relationship issues will require legal action.


Aurora will have a baby girl, and have her dream house


Will be opening a business in the healing arts.  She will be taking a vacation due to a flood in the hair salon!!!   

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So are psychics are real?  Let's see if the predictions come true for the real answer.

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