Best Hair Extensions For Natural Hair?

Best Hair Extensions For Natural Hair?

The best hair extensions for natural hair is one that will not damage hair by adding stress to the hair follicle.  Natural hair is a term commonly used for textured hair whether it be curly, kinky, or a mix of both.  Natural hair is not straightened or permed and varies in texture from person to person.  Hair extensions are offered in a wide variety of methods and textures to blend well with natural hair.


Hair Extensions For Natural Hair


Many with curly hair tend to have dry hair and scalp which may require the ability to remove the hair extensions for both scalp and hair treatments that infuse moisture.  The most popular methods of hair extensions are as follows:

1). Hand Tied Hair Extensions - The hand-tied method allows for matching texture hair extensions to be sewn with micro links that are placed against the scalp.  This method is best for healthy and strong hair follicles since the application can be heavy on compromised hair follicles.

2). Veila Pull-Thru Method - Allows for individual sections of extensions ranging in size from 1.25"  to 3.75" wide sections to be applied in areas of the head with more follicle strength.  Natural hair is then pulled through tiny holes in the extensions and secured with silicone-lined micro links.  The sections are placed slightly away from the scalp to decrease tension on the hair and are easily moved up and/or reapplied without much effort or stress.  The extensions are made with virgin hair that has a subtle wave that matches many curly textures or can be styled to blend with natural hair. This method is a new hybrid design between hand-tied hair and tape hair with the added benefit of no glue, tape, or sewing.  

3). Sew In Weave - Sew in weaves has been on the market for decades, a braid is sewn against the scalp, and tracks of hair are then sewn into the cornrow.  Like hand-tied hair, the concerns apply undue stress on hair follicles and weight issues. 

As you can imagine, tape-in extensions or clip-in extensions which can be sourced from the likes of Bellami hair may give you a good color match, but when it comes to application it could result in damaging your hair upon removal and maintenance. Human hair extensions like Remy or better yet Virgin hair extension would provide a much more natural look all the while with the right application above will give you the best result, comfort, and maintenance experience.

How To Find The Right Texture?

Since natural hair comes in a variety of curl patterns, choosing the perfect texture can be a challenge.  Often hair extensions are too silky which does not blend well with curly hair.  Therefore, choosing virgin hair that is not coated with silicone is a perfect choice.  Most hair extensions are not washed and wear, it is important to understand that some effort is essential to create a seamless blend; such as curling, blow-drying, or straightening.

Can Hair Extensions Be Permed?

Very few hair extensions can be permed since the process will damage them, especially if they are of inferior quality.  The outcome of the perm is a big risk, the extensions may break or the longevity will be compromised.  Virgin hair can be permed but is not recommended because the perming process will reduce longevity.

Since virgin hair has a natural texture, you may consider using a curl-enhancing product with a diffuser attached to a blow dryer to create a curl.  Also, braiding the hair extensions will create a curly look, the smaller the braid the tighter the curl.

Can Hair Extensions Be Straightened?

The term "straightening" can be confusing.  Chemical straightening is not recommended, but straightening via a blow-dry or use of a flat iron works well.  Using a lower temperature setting on the curling iron is recommended to avoid drying out the hair extensions.

How To Keep Hair Extensions Healthy?

This is particularly important for natural hair since hair oils from the scalp do not spread as well through hair extensions.  Using humectant leave-in products such as Truss Amino Spray will lock in moisture.  A conditioning treatment, under a hairdryer, once or twice a month will also help to keep hair extensions healthy.  How often these treatments/products should be used will vary from person to person based on texture.

Just keep in mind that tape in hair extensions and clip in hair extensions will make it difficult to manage during a hair care session. The natural curl of the hair will be a challenge during the attachment and after weeks of wearing the hair extensions, the re-tensioning after hair growth will take a long time to perform the maintenance; especially if you have had a full head application of hair extensions. The best approach is to always find the best method, 100% Remy Human Hair or Virgin Hair for your budget. If you are looking for 24 inches or natural-looking hair with the easiest and comfortable method of application - see our Veila Hair Extensions, and feel free to reach out to our Noelle Salon for advice.

I hope this information helps, and we would love to hear your opinion or tips. Feel free to comment below, your thoughts count!



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