Can Hair Extensions Be Dyed Purple?

Can Hair Extensions Be Dyed Purple?

Tired of the bland look of your hair? Or worse, tried to do your own and used hair color remover and ended up with a serious crisis? We recently did a blog on hair color trends for 2021 and while fantasy colors do not require a hair color chart, you can start at any hair challenge with Noelle Salon.

You have a "fantasy shade hair color" such as purple, pink, blue in a vibrant color or pastel, can you match hair extensions to your hair?  Fantasy hair colors vary so much that is often impossible to match your creative color since we have a palette of hair dyes to work with.  Many hair extensions companies offer fantasy shades, but the hue and depth of color are often a bit off which makes hair extensions look obvious.  Fantasy shades will fade differently on natural hair versus hair extensions making the blend impossible. 


Can Hair Extensions Be Dyed Purple?

What To Do?

Natural hair is pre-lightened (unless naturally light) to a light shade (often blonde), to create a perfect color value.  Therefore, using light hair extensions and coloring to your shade of choice will create a perfect blend.  

How we achieved the look.

1). In the above picture,  we lightened our client's natural hair to a dark blonde, we then applied two shades of Pravana Vivids in purple and magenta.  Pravana Vivids is a direct dye, (pure color) without ammonia, peroxide, or chemicals that can damage natural hair.

2). We then selected blonde keratin bonded hair extensions (individual strands) and colored them the same color as our client's natural hair.  It is crucial to use light hair extensions to achieve the same color value and blend.

3).  We rinsed out the color instead of shampooing to avoid the color from mixing into each other.  We also sent our client home with a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner which will keep the hair color from fading.

Purple and magenta were our client's colors of choice, but this method can be performed on all hair colors.  Keep in mind, the lighter the fantasy shade the lighter the natural hair and hair extensions.


Fantasy shades are a direct dye and fading is expected.  Every so often, depending on the color, a color touch-up is necessary.  We tend to touch up fantasy colors every 6 to 8 weeks.

At-home care is essential.  We recommend not washing hair as often to keep the shade bright.  Using an at-home "color loc" product that keeps the hair cuticle closed is also recommended.  We use  Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo and conditioner which returns hair to a healthy Ph of 4.5 - 5.   The Redken Acidic product has the added benefit of protecting damage from heat tools, color, bleach even water which has a Ph of 7.  

Avoid overuse of thermal heat such as a flat iron which is known to destroy hair, cause breakage, and ruin hair color especially fantasy shades because it strips the hair cuticle.

Do you have any helpful tips for fantasy hair and/or hair extensions?  We would love to hear from you, feel free to comment below.








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