Colorful Hair Fad Or Fashion

Colorful Hair Fad Or Fashion

Purple, Blues, Pastel Shades, Unicorn Color mixed in elaborate shapes donned on the hair like a piece of art!  Two years ago, a popular stylists claimed this look was on the way out! I don't think so... if anything colorful hair has morphed to even more obscure color combinations, cool designs like swirls, stripes and dip dyes.  Color companies like Pulp Riot & Pravana are a huge sensation on social media where stylists compete to create the most unique hair art with amazing color pallets.  

 Kim Kardashian Pink Hair

Kim Kardashian Inspired Pink Hair at Noelle Salon

Colorful hair is not just for the young, but the young at heart ~ some of our clients are well into their 60's.  So the truth is colorful hair is fashionable and here to stay!  

What you need to know

1)  Unlike traditional dye (permanent or semi-permanent) colorful hair in bright or pastels are direct dyes.  Therefore, they are applied to pre-lightened hair.  The lighter the shade, such as pastel pink ~ the lighter the hair needs to be.  In order to achieve the true color such as lilac or neon green, the clients hair needs to be white.   If you are not up to bleaching your hair then you can opt for darker colors such as plum or deep purple.

2)  Colorful hair fades quickly.  You may spend hours in a stylists seat to achieve the color "fireball," but be prepared to return within a month or so for a color pick-me up!  Using a heavy conditioner to seal in the color is highly recommended and infrequent washing with sulfate free shampoo will help to prolong the color.

3)  If multiple colors are your thing - be prepared for some color bleeding - you may just get a completely new color (yellow + green = blue).  In some cases the contradicting colors may bleed into something rather bland.  

4)  It ain't cheap!  There are several process involved in achieving these elaborate shades sometimes taking up to 6 hours to achieve.  Imagine what that will cost?

5)  Although the colors fade fast, they are difficult to remove.  Be prepared to be at the salon for a while if you decide on going for a more natural look.

6)  Don't DIY it, this can lead to bleach breakage, uneven coloration and strange hues.

Pulp Riot Fireball

Plum & Fireball by Pulp Riot at Noelle Salon


1)  Keep your roots dark and balayage (hand paint) the colors below the roots.  This will make it easier to change the color if you are not happy.

2)  Instead of doing your whole head in colorful shades, add pops of color in foils which allow you to try the color with less commitment.

3)  Use colorful hair extensions versus dying your own hair.  You can enjoy the color with no major commitment.  You can simply remove the extensions if you grow tired of the color.Pastel Pink Hair{{cta('516641dd-45e9-4637-9c90-0522d2d855e1')}}

Pink Ice color melt with hair extensions at Noelle Salon

Colorful hair is here to stay - as a salon that specializes in these works of art - feel free to submit a free consultation form where you can send pictures and ask questions.




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