confessions of a playboy model

confessions of a playboy model


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What better than a Hair Salon to meet the most illustrious clients!

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing the gorgeous Sydney Fallon who will be dawning on the cover of Playboy Venezuela.   She is also a Playboy model and has been featured in Maxim Magazine.  We will be asking about her glamorous jet-setting lifestyle!  Her next shoot/adventure will be in Jamaica - she will be wearing a duct tape design that literally mimics today's haute couture.  

Confessions Of A Playboy Model


Q & A

When & how did you first contract with Playboy?

Sydney always dreamed of being a glamorous Playmate for Playboy Magazine.  Her father had keys to the Playboy Club in the 1970's.  She had her friend, who was a bit boozed up, snap so Polaroids of her and the rest is history.

Did you ever meet Hugh Hefner?

She never met Mr. Hefner, but has heard only wonderful things about him.  We all know he was ahead of his time from the first nude publication in the 50's to featuring the first women of color in his magazine in the 1970's.   Sydney has met his ex. Holly Madison.  "I am shocked that out of 1500 ex-girlfriends of "Hef"- she is the only one to make disparaging comments about him!"  She states that she did this to sell her book.

Have you partied at the Mansion, and what was that like? 

"I have been to the Playboy mansion invitation only!" Sydney stated. The parties are glamorous and the food is incredible!  The parties are one of sophistication and she rubbed elbows with many famous celebrities.  She did date a few famous people, but did not care to share their names.  Although one celeb,  we assume may have been in a boy band,  asked her out while shopping in L.A. (not at the mansion).  He lied about his age since she was 18 and he was 16, that disappointed her.  They dated on & off for a month or so it was fun, but not as much as you might think.

Is it true what they say about the “grotto?”

Simple, naked bodies & sex!

Has any famous people come on to you?

Yes, on Instagram!  She was offered 40k to go out on a date (dtf) "down to f****.  She was apalled.  "Just because I choose to pose nude, tastefully, does not mean I am a prostitute! "   Sydney is not a fan of Instagram because there are many that would have taken the 40K without hesitation, but she has dignity!

Playboy has managed to keep their brand sexy, but not trashy!  Why do you think that is?

Hugh Hefner has always employed women, such as his daughter, to keep the brand sexy not slutty!  The models should not have a prior history of porn!  The girl-next-door is there motto.  The models are encouraged to be curvaceous and natural!  On set, they like to see the models eat!  They feed them donuts etc. they want them happy and relaxed not starved and hangry!

How does Playboy differ from years ago?

Sydney feels that Playboy has managed to keep the brand sexy, but not slutty!  Hef's 27 year old son took over the magazine for a while and he promoted a sexy vintage style!  In a world full of free internet porn, Playboy shows women to be strong and sensual.  

Sydney feels empowered when posing nude, she calls the shots!  She enjoys expresses her sensuality in this way.

How does LA differ from Boston?

Some people in Boston have been catty or down right rude to Sydney.  Whereas in LA - sexuality is open and no one is judgmental.  In the northeast, people tend to hide what they're doing like a fox in sheep's clothing!  Sydney has witnessed a lot of cheating and unscrupulous behavior while working in Boston.

What do you to keep grounded and down to earth?

Sydney has strong ties to her family!  Her mom & dad are very close to her and keep her humble. Sydney is a girl's girl!  We love her as a friend & client of our salon.

Sydney Fallon is available for paid model bookings, music videos and classic photography, find her on instagram.




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