Covid-19 Beware Of Hair Stylists Working From Home

Covid-19 Beware Of Hair Stylists Working From Home

Covid-19 Beware of  Hair Stylists Working From Home

                                  Our Stylist Aurora relaxing at home with her family!

How disheartening, while we are all following our federal, state & local authorities to exercise "social distancing," especially in the hair industry where we can not stay 6 feet away a client,  hair stylists are working from their home!  This is a travesty, in our industry if we do not work we do not get paid and conscience people do hunker down and follow the rules - as difficult as they can be!  Yet, some hair stylists  take to social media willing to take clients at home all the while we have no clue who is carrying Covid-19, we just do not know enough of about the spread disease.

There are some stylists that have young children at home and they are still working with the public (goes against the Board of Health in each city & State Board of Cosmetology requirements).  Why would you ever expose yourself, client children and public to what could potentially be fatal.  Social distancing is the only real way to combat this virus and the sooner we all comply, the sooner like will return to normalcy.  

We are all economically suffering and potentially have other mouths to feed, but exposing yourself and others is greedy and unnecessary.  It also hurts others in the industry that are playing by the rules.  We ask anyone considering a visitation to a stylists home, or having them come to your home to reconsider, and follow the rules we have been given.  We do not want to be like the unfortunate people of Italy nor do we want a state shutdown!

Our salon clients are suffering too, we would all love to be working and have great hair!  But we appreciate the loyal that hold their health paramount, as well as waiting for their stylist to get back to work.  After all, who is going to really see our hair and at this point how many really care what our hair looks like!





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