Covid Hair Loss

Covid Hair Loss

Hair Loss  due to Covid may be a  long hauler effect that is not talked about.  As a hair salon specializing in hair loss, I have witnessed many of my clients that never had hair loss and/or hair thinning experiencing thinning hair 3 to 6 months post testing positive for Covid.  30% of people have reported long hauler syndrome including hair loss.  

As a moderator on many facebook hair loss groups, the amount of new comers experiencing hair loss with the common thread of once having Covid, has been crazy!  Can we connect the dots from Covid to hair loss?  The one way to determine this is reporting symptoms to physicians.  Our current suggestion is to visit a dermatologist, checking for pre-existing conditions and if there is none then perhaps Covid is the culprit.  

Currently, we are monitoring our group of hair loss clients with potential of hair loss due to Covid and we are not using any type of hair extensions or hair toppers until the hair shedding phase stops.  While client's are shedding hair we never complicate the issue by adding any weight or tension with extra hair and leave their condition to physicians.

That being said, we are also careful with permanent hair color, on scalp bleach,  straightening treatments, as well as other chemical treatments until they are cleared by their physician.  If a client has grey hair or often dyes their hair, we use a semi-permanent color and perform a patch test prior to applying.  We carefully monitor our clients condition and the good news is many are experiencing hair growth.

We are not doctors!  We do not want to complicate hair loss issues in any way, therefore, we defer to science. 

Covid is very mysterious,  does it cause hair loss in some and not in others?  The answer is we do not know, therefore we proceed with caution and wait!  

If you have been experiencing hair loss, thinning hair and believe it may be due to a Covid diagnosis, we want to hear from you!  Please comment below - our plan is to help collect data. 

At Noelle Salon, our goal is to help with all of your hair issues and customer service is paramount!




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