difference between virgin & remy hair extensions

difference between virgin & remy hair extensions

This seems to be a question I receive a lot as a hair extension vendor.  We will solve the mystery and help you to understand the difference in hair quality and why prices vary so much.  The biggest question is what is the difference between Virgin and Remy hair?  Understand that "true" virgin hair is completely unprocessed aside from possibly washing (raw hair), it is a bit more plentiful in darker shades but nearly impossible to find in light shades & blonde hair.  So in order to keep hair color, density, and length consistent, hair needs to be processed.  

Virgin Hair Comes from 1 single donor (person) regardless from where it is from, this allows for the hair to be more uniform, consistent from roots to ends and typically has much finer strands.  The decolorization process does not involve harsh acid baths which completely strips off the hair cuticle and then coated with an exorbitant amount of silicone.  The hair cuticle is all in one direction.

Virgin Hair Veila Hair Extensions

.  Once the silicone wears off through the washing process - the hair will matte and tangle.

Virgin hair works very well on clients with fine hair and will last longer than most other types.  Our hair extension brand, Veila Hair, offers both virgin & remy hair  in all of our methods albeit virgin is slightly more costly.  We love it because it will last up to 1 year and I have witnessed our hair lasting even longer than that.

Veila Hair Extensions

Veila Pull Thru Hair Extensions Made Of Virgin Hair - A Unique Design With No Glue, Tape, Sewing or Damage

Remy Hair, Similar to Virgin Hair's cuticle is in one direction which prevents matting and over saturation of silicone.  The hair comes from different donors, but by no means is it taken out of a brush or collected off hair factory floors (the most inferior hair). The strands tends to be a bit denser and works very well on clients with medium/thick to thick hair.  There is a subtle difference in quality since the virgin hair can feel  a bit more supple.  Most reputable online suppliers offer Remy Hair to their customers because it is a bit more affordable.  Veila Hair's Remy Collection, like our virgin hair, is thick from roots to ends, no acid baths and will last 6 to 8 months.

I would never suggest purchasing any hair quality less than Remy Hair,  if you can afford to spend extra on virgin hair, you will not be disappointed!  Unfortunately, hair does not have a governing agency to ensure the quality you receive, but if you look at any hair in the sunlight you will see if the cuticle is still intact.  How?  You will not see any strange colors mixed in the hair or white bulbs.  

Veila Hair Extensions Remy Hair

Keep in mind, you do get what you pay for!  This hair standard applies to hair from all countries from India, Brazil, Russia, Southeast Asia and Indonesia.  We are always available to help with any questions upon entering our salon or purchasing on VeilaHairExtensions.com.  Ask for samples if you are confused!






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