Color Melting Hair Color

There are many color techniques and my clients are getting a bit confused.  Ombre hair color has been in existence for over a decade, first seen on Sex in the City.  Since then, color gradation (light/dark, dark/light, or mix of all) has donned the crowns of many celebs.  One of my favorites is color melting, and I love the fact that you can have darker roots to lighter ends or lighter roots to darker ends and everything in between. The melting process is done by adding a complementary color to the hair roots from scalp to approximately 2 to 3 inches away from the scalp to blur uneven lines of highlights (which creates a gradient blend) and can also be used to lighten or shift the base color to a more natural/realistic color blend.  

Not All Color Requires A Color Melt

For clients with a perfect natural base or roots void of grey hair, melting the color is not always necessary.  Some find that shifting their root color causes brassiness and may prefer to work with their natural root shade.  If this is the case, the balayage technique must be perfect.  Balayage should be perfect and most who prefer color melt roots will opt for a more dramatic darker root.

3 shade color melt
3 shade color melt
a less dramatic take on color melting
A less dramatic take on color melting

We achieve color melting by using the Balayage technique which is basically free-hand painted hair color.  It is not as easy as it looks and keeping the color from mixing together requires an expert hand and technique.  Color melting can include fun colors from lavender to electric blue or with natural tones.

lavender roots to electric blue
Lavender roots to electric blue

Unlike, Ombre or Sombre (subtle ombre) color melting involves 3 to 4 shades of color and it is not as drastic as ombre.  Color melting is mesmerizing to the eye!  It is important to ask for a free consultation before coloring your hair.  Keep in mind, if you have color in your hair, you may have to do a hair color remover.  Some fun shades need to be pre-lightened to appreciate the color.  Color melting allows you to make a statement with your hair color – enjoy!

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