Hair Salon New Normal Covid-19

Hair Salon New Normal Covid-19

The beauty industry has been decimated due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and we have not worked for over a month.  So what will our "new normal" look like once we are allowed to reopen?  It is impossible to keep a 6-foot distance from our clients and we want to know what our individual states will impose in order to keep ourselves & clients healthy.  Listening to the news, we seem to be the forgotten industry!  So much hype has been given to restaurants and the entertainment industry, but I can tell you our clients are becoming desperate and want their hair done.  That being said, we are also concerned for our personal protection!  Sadly, many beauty workers are paid via 1099, and to date, have not received unemployment.  It has been said that they can individually file for Payroll Protection loans.  But all of this is so up in the air! We are a resourceful group of people and our industry has banned together during this crisis.

Hair Salon New Normal Covid-19

In this podcast, we mulled around some ideas as to what precautions we will be taking to allow us to safely work on the public.  We have heard that restaurants, like grocery & drug stores, will be spacing out customers 6 feet & potentially adding plastic petitions in between seating.  Many salons are not set up that way and setting up plastic petitions may be difficult.

The below is what our salon plans to implement once we receive the green light to open:

1). We will remain open 7 days a week to allow only a few stylists in our salon at one time which will allow for minimum amount of clients at one time

2). We will be spacing client seating every 6 feet.

3). We have masks & face shields on order for ourselves and will ask clients to wear masks while services are performed.

4). Since the virus lingers on hair & clothing we have disposable hair nets & attire

5). We invested in disposable capes & coverings for clients

6). We will be disinfecting after every client, wiping seats, handles, entrance doors.

7) Nightly disinfecting is essential

8). Sanitation of brushes, combs, shears are essential and always have been.

These are just some of our new normal tactics and we pray for this to pass.  Anti-body testing seems hopeful at least for the time being.  We will be asking clients to please not visit us if they are symptomatic!   

It does not appear that the economy will open and we will be back to business as usual, but we plan to persevere.  If you have any recommendations please let us know by commenting on this blog!  If you think our plan is to severe we want to hear from you too!








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