Hair Topper Vs. A Wig

Hair Topper Vs. A Wig

Many with hair loss are often confused about whether a hair topper or a wig (aka scalp prosthesis) will work best for their hair loss.  The answer varies based on the type of hair loss, whether it is long-term or short-term; such as hair loss from chemotherapy or Alopecia. The answer is pretty simple, below will help to explain the differences.

Hair Topper Vs. A Wig

Hair Topper

Hair toppers vary in size from 2" x  2" to 10" x 10," the size of the hair topper is determined by the area that needs coverage.  Hair toppers work best for one with hair loss at the top of the head with longer hair on the sides, and back of the head.  A hair topper works well for both long-term and short-term hair loss.  A hair topper can be tied into the hair or clipped on and off.  A hair topper is far more comfortable than a wig, when tied into the hair, one can participate in sports, swimming, and other activities.  

A hair topper works especially well for those with "Trichotillomania" since most have patches of hair loss instead of the entire head.  The topper is intended to keep natural hair healthy in hopes of hair growing back.  

Hair toppers work well on diffuse-type hair loss from female pattern hair loss and they will cover the area.  We recommend hair toppers made of high-quality human hair with a well-constructed cap.  Synthetic hair does not look natural, we do not attach synthetic hair since it is difficult to wash, style and apply heat.  Synthetic hair toppers work best as a clip-on, it will hold the style and works well for those that have a difficult time styling their own hair.



A wig works best for overall hair loss. or extremely short hair. which can not support a hair topper.  Wigs can be worn temporarily while the hair grows which has been lost due to chemotherapy or other diseases.  Many of our Transgender clients (male to female) wear wigs while waiting for their own hair to grow if they have total hair loss or are living part-time as a female.  

Wigs can be made in both human hair or synthetic hair.  Synthetic hair is lightweight and often works best for those who have undergone chemotherapy or rapid hair loss where their scalp is sensitive.  Human hair wigs are heavier in weight and require wash and styling, while synthetic hair will hold a style easily.  Washing synthetic hair poses some challenges, there are products that deodorize wigs and refresh the style without washing.

Wigs are offered in a variety of cap sizes and styles, most are made of machine-sewn hair wefts cascading from the top of the wig.  The stronger the cap construction utilizing 100% Remy human hair are often more expensive.  Human wigs can range in price from $300 to $5000, the latter price is for a hand-made wig.

Many Trans-women use medium to larger size caps for comfort and achieving a perfect fit.  Wigs range in size from extra small to extra large, it is important to measure the area of the head to determine the perfect size.  In-salon we create custom templates for both hair toppers and wigs to create an optimal fit for our clients.

Wigs & Hair Toppers

Some may prefer a wig to be glued or taped onto the scalp which creates a very natural style.  Keep in mind, the glue or tape application will require more maintenance; every few weeks they are carefully removed, glue/tape is cleaned, stray hair is shaved and the wig/hair topper is glued or taped in place.  I do not recommend this application unless my client is confident that their natural hair will not grow back.  

Men often use the glue-down technique when completely bald and desire a natural look.  All applications should be explained during a consultation where hair is evaluated.  The base of a glue-down scalp prosthesis is made of super-fine skin that lays flat and offers the most natural look.  This base looks most natural on short hair.

Shopping Online 

Shopping for a wig or hair topper online can be quite confusing, there is so much variety that only a skilled stylist will truly understand.  Going to a hair loss studio that offers both scalp prostheses and application service is often the best option.  At Noelle Salon, we offer high-quality hair toppers and wigs at a reasonable price point.  Since they both need service and customization, we keep our service price affordable.  

Hair Loss Background

At Noelle Salon, we specialize in Hair Loss remedies and solutions. Hair Loss can be distressing and we work with our clients to improve and cope with their challenges ranging from fungal infections, Trichotillomania, Autoimmune diseases, balding spots, thinning hair, male pattern baldness, and people with Alopecia Areata/Lupus. We do not treat hair loss directly, we offer solutions to assist with hair follicle recovery when it comes to Trichotillomania which then allows for hair growth.

I hope the above helps to explain the difference between wigs and hair toppers, as well as what will suit your needs.  If you have specific questions feel free to email or comment below.




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