how to create beach waves

how to create beach waves

How to create beach waves is super simple!  You may admire this effortless wavy style donned by celebrities, loose curls with semi-bended ends.  The below video shows how to create beach waves with just  a curling iron (or wand) , flat iron and hair spray.  Don't worry about using leave in products, such as sea salt spray which leaves hair dry, or crunchy gels/mousse. This technique also works perfectly on hair extensions!  Hair Extensions will hold a perfect curl especially if your own hair does not hold a great curl.

1)  Wash hair, blow dry smooth but do not put in too much effort in blow drying.

2)  Divide hair in 3 inch horizontal sections and clip up

3)  Take 2 inch vertical sections, wrap a hot iron around each section leaving the ends of the hair free from curl iron.  

4)  Take each consecutive horizontal & vertical sections and curl.  You can adjust sectioning based on the thickness of your hair, as well as the tightness of curl you are looking to achieve.  The smaller the section the tighter the curl.  

5)  Once hair is completely curled,  mist with hair spray and brush gently through curls with a boars bristle or natural bristle brush.

6)  Take your flat iron and run through (1 to 2 inches) of the ends of your hair for a perfect bend.  If you find you over curled your ends this technique will solve the issue.

7)  if you'd like shine;  mist or apply shine product & set the look with hair spray!  I like Kenra shine spray or CHI silk solution.

Watch the below video for styling instruction - you can do it yourself or ask your professional stylist to create the look for you.   If your stylist is unfamiliar with this look, feel free to share with them.Thanks to Aurora our expert colorist, extensions & stylist.


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WHy IS MY HAIR smelly

WHy IS MY HAIR smelly