how to keep salons safe during covid

how to keep salons safe during covid

Many salons have been open for several months with little to no spread of covid 19, below is a list of safety measures to be safe in a hair salon. Please feel free to share some of your tips by commenting on this post.  Our goal is to work safely without having to close during this pandemic.  We also ensure proper signage as rules change to alert our customers.

1) The industry has it's own tracking & tracing by nature of the business and appointment bookings which allow for reaching anyone present in the salon in the event of exposure.

2). Plastic Barriers at entrance and in between stations that can not provide a safe 6" or more distance.  We try to keep no more than 10 people in our salon which is over 2500 s.f.  but it most cases we only have 6 people in at one time.

Hair Salon Safety

3). Barriers in between wash stations which often tend to be next to each other.

4). Not having more than 3 stylists and one client in the salon at one time.  

5). Air filtration consider changing out the filters in larger systems to HEPA or have small individual filter systems near each salon chair.

6). Masks, of course, but goggles and or face shield especially as the numbers rise.

7) Temperature checks can help. Many of our clients do stay home when not feeling well or will cancel if they are awaiting Covid testing

8).  No waiting area and removal of all magazines or non-essential decor.  All clients are encouraged to use our automatic hand sanitizer upon entering.

9).  A Fertilizer blower helps filled with a sanitizer or bleach 5 part water to 1 part bleach will allow you to clean the salon in one fell swoop without investing in industrial fogger.

Hair Salon Sanitiation


10).  Cleansing each station after each client and if towels are being used spray with sanitizer before washing.

This is some of the protocol our salon has followed to stop the spread!  


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