l'oreal professional educator Eric James Advice

l'oreal professional educator Eric James Advice

L’Oreal Professional Educator Eric James Advice

for stylists & clients!  

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Link to listen for even more in depth conversation:  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/loreal-professional-hair-color-educator-eric-james/id1464075880?i=1000448038761

We had the pleasure of interviewing Eric James his wisdom is outstanding!

Eric is a young dinosaur in the industry with a career spanning over 20 years!  He is currently a regional education manager New England for L’Oréal Professionnel.  He has spent time behind the chair as a Master Colorist.

L'Oreal Professional Educator Eric James Advice


Ashy Brown Hair


Eric’s Accalades

Educator for Wella Professional 

Nominated 2x educator of the year 

Trendvision semi finalist 

2016 Boston A List. Winner Best Highlights 

Hair Color Trends Fall & Holiday 2019

Eric explained  that the fantasy hair color is becoming less popular, the look is heading more natural with icy shades of blondes like Elsa from Frozen  & glossy cool brunettes! “Cooler than a polar bears toe nails” as he says! L’Oreal Professional has launched a new line called GLO which is a permanent color with no level - it is a game changer offering blue/violet base in colors.

Of course, the copper colors & red violets are always a big hit for fall & holiday!  Blonde hair should never be over processed and using high quality lighteners such as Platinium is a game changer! 


Eric’s Advice

Look at the landscape of what you are working with move the hair around and carefully place your balayage and foils whether they are blonde, caramel or honey.  Evaluate the clients face and pay attention to contouring, similar to a makeup artist, this will help to bring out your clients best features. For example, avoid the money piece in the front of the hairline on a client with a diamond shape face since this will call attention to the forehead!  His advice is spot on, we agree!

Paying attention to clients skin tone, eye color and whether their skin is warm, cool - do they tan easily will help determine the proper color.  He loves to create the perfect red hair on pale skin!

Q & A

What do you feel is the biggest challenge a stylist faces today!

Eric believes that stylists need to apprentice for 2 years to fully understand color, cutting and all stylists have to offer!  He shared a story where he went on the shop floor to long and made many mistakes, he then went back to apprenticing and honed in on his craft!

What major decide to become an educator?  

His passion for hair color!  He also believes passion is a must in the beauty industry!  Build your confidence by education!

Education is a must, he states “you either learn or die!”  We could not agree more.

Blow dry bars?

Many new stylist graduate cosmetology school and head to the blow dry bar to earn fast money.  The unfortunate part is all they learn is how to blow dry, not the tons of services a full service salon offers!  He believes once you leave the blow dry bar a stylist will have to go back to apprenticing since they time spent there can be a waste!  

Advice for new stylists?

Use social media such as “Instagram” to showcase your work, build your brand!  Have 2 separate accounts personal & professional. Also, take your time to learn, building skills takes trial and error.

You can find Eric on Instagram @lorealchemist!  Catchy name for a multi-talented gentleman. If you are interested in education & being part of the L’Oreal team, feel free to reach out!  He will answer your questions with honesty and professionalism. He is also a fun guy.L


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