Most Popular Haircut For 2023

Most Popular Haircut For 2023

As we ring in the new year at Noelle Salon, the clear front runner for the most popular haircut of 2023 is the mid-length layer cut. Mid-length hair, resting around the shoulders, offers the maximum volume! Maximum volume, a la 1990's Pamela Anderson, has been in great demand. The interior of the cut has lots of layers, wispy ends, and a new take on fringe (bangs).

Long hair is still in demand, but many of our clients are looking for hair that moves and flow! Layers and face-framing soften your features and uses your hair to accentuate your best facial feature. Mid-length hair can be worn by all ages, in fact, it is quite youthful on faces 40 and over. Teasing the layers creates even more volume, and soft hair spray is back!

What to do when your hair is fine?

The mid-length cut works exceptionally well with hair extensions, the good news is you just need a little to create volume, and this leads to savings because you are not adding length. The voluminous layers make extensions easier to hide, undetectable hair extensions are necessary on fine hair.  

Consider healthy hair extensions like the Veila Pull-Thru method, they are proven not to damage hair because there is no tape, glue, or sewing involved which can lead to tension on hair follicles. We also stock volume wefts, genius wefts, tape-in hair, and individual-strand hair extensions.

The New Fringe (To bang or not to bang)

Bangs are back! I have so many clients asking for the haircut worn by Wednesday Adams on the popular Netflix series "Wednesday!" The new fringe is not necessarily cut straight across, instead, we create long wispy bangs that can be worn with a center part. The bangs are subtly split in the center and will cover forehead lines. 

Not everyone is a candidate for "Wednesday's" bangs, but we can create many variations to suit face shape and hair texture. The cut tends to be a mix of the early 2000's mullet combined with choppy layers.

Bangs are youthful and definitely help in hiding forehead lines! The mid-length cut does not require bangs, curtain bangs are still very popular. 

In 2023, many haircuts involve layering, whether the hair is worn long or short. It is a great idea to invest in a blow-dry brush, velcro rollers, and a good medium-hold hair spray to keep the volume intact. Break out your old hot rollers, they are easy to apply to the hair, gentle on fine hair, and create volume.

A Slightly Longer Version Of The Popular Layered Cut

Most Popular Haircut for 2023

Are you looking for a new haircut or style? At Noelle Salon, we are not only genius hair cutters, but we can create your desired look by using our Veila brand of human hair extensions in a variety of methods. Hair extensions are not just to add length, we can cut them into volumizing layers.

If you are experiencing thinning hair, we can layer our hair toppers, create bangs and give you the same styles you adore on Instagram and other social media platforms. 

We have many from the LGBTQIA community -- our hair toppers and wigs are made of human hair and we are masters at cutting and styling them. Creativity creates the perfect hair flow, and you can count on our expert team to create the ideal hairstyle for you! The key to these new haircuts is in the styling, we will show you how to style the cut at home. At-home styling will vary based on your own hair styling prowess, but we can work with your skill level.

Note: While there is a lot of fun to be had with a hair color chart and hair dye, if you have an existing hair color on your hair, you might need to be careful on the hair color remover and its process to achieve your baseline hair color to start from. While hair color trends for 2023 might get you ready for a fun season, taking the right precautions will get you there stress-free.

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