New Hair Extension Design

New Hair Extension Design

Show Notes From Hair Matters Podcast where we talk about our new hair extension design that will revolutionize the industry. To Listen click here     or on your favorite podcast channel.

Quick Disclaimer:  Hair Extensions are not one size fits all, but we designed a new design that combines the best of all methods, no glue, tape or snaps, healthiest for your hair, reusable, easily removed & reinstalled, seamlessly blends into your own hair and you can wear your hair up.  New Hair Extension Design

Thus the name "ALL Hair Extensions"

You could same they are a cross between hand tied hair and tape hair extensions, but they do not add tension in the way hand tied link application does.  Hand tied hair has been around for a long time, mostly wefts sewn into braids and/or linked into clients hair.  This method allows formax volume, but tends to work best with medium to thick hair.  They can be too heavy for finer hair and noticeable.

What makes ALL Hair Extensions different?

We combine the size versatility that tape and individual hair extensions allow, but with a seamless transition into your own hair this is because the extensions are covered with hair!  We do not attach with glue, tape or snaps - like hand tied hair extensions they are woven into hair without tension.

Instead of using a whole weft/track of hair across the head, we divided the system into 3 parts which work perfectly from back, crown to sides of the head.  The width of the sections vary from .5",  1.5" to 3". this allows for the client to wear their hair up on the sides and maintain max volume and/or length in the back where it is easier to hide them.


New Hair Extension Design


Unlike tape hair extensions and more like hand tied hair, they are will not twist since they are attached on both sides against the head, Since there is not adhesives (which break down easily) air dryer is ok. 

They are super comfortable because the opposing side, against the scalp, is made of a soft skin weft which does not mat your own hair.

The removal does not involve anything but releasing the extensions, no stick glue or adhesives and reapplication is a cinch!

Training and wholesale orders will commence in March - May 2020

As we said in the beginning, it is important to determine which methods suit your hair and lifestyle before embarking on the journey.  The consensus is that hair extension are easier to style than our natural hair, they hold a curl longer, you do not color your hair as often and your hair is always on point!






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