Pros and Cons Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Pros and Cons Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Hand tied hair extensions are certainly not a new creation since they are very similar to a sew in weave that has been around for decades.   The difference is the hand tied hair (1) allows the use of micro tracks which are hand tied and several can be stacked on 1 row of hair extensions.  (2) Instead of a braid (corn row) the extensions are anchored with a tiny micro link placed against the scalp and the tracks are sewn around the micro link.  This method of attachment is definitely less stressful on hair follicles, but they do come with some stress.

Hand tied hair extensions method is one of a dozen of hair extension applications. There is Clip-in hair extensions, sewn-in hair extension, glue-in hair extension, tape-in hair extensions, which Bellami hair offers, however, at Noelle Salon we focus on the appropriate method for the right situation to give a natural hair look, we color match and style they hair and prefer to use Virgin hair (Human hair extensions that are untreated). Tape-in extensions, Keratin hair extensions and various other methods can stress your hair with tension as well as when it comes to maintenance, removal and adjustment can damage your hair. For our clients with thinning hair, we use Veila Hair Extensions which is a Pull-thru method with the use of silicon-covered microbeads which allows for less stress/tension on your hair and the use of Virgin hair.

Who Is A Candidate

The best candidate should have strong, dense and thick hair since this method is not the greatest for fine hair.  The hand tied method does allow for optimal hair attachment, but can be too heavy for many people with fine hair or a sensitive scalp.

Pros and Cons Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Therefore, if you are looking for lots of length, volume and tons of hair, this method is for you!  There are similar methods that cause less tension on the hair follicles, one being our Veila Pull-Thru method which allows for different sized hair extensions on areas where there is more or less hair follicles density, no sewing, glue-in or tape-in extensions.

When it comes to hair extension hair types, 100% Remy human hair can give you a very natural look, but we prefer the untreated Virgin natural Hair as the results are outstanding. Hair care is going to be a diligent affair when it comes to large volume of hair, maintaining the natural curls and adjusting for hair growth 6-8 weeks appart.


  1. Lots of hair and volume!
  2. Hair length of 24 inches or more.
  3. Hair coloring styles such as Hair Highlights, Hair Color Melt are also options.


  1. Not suggested for sensitive heads since they can be heavy.  Some develop little bumps from stress on the scalp.
  2. Hard to brush through since the attachment is thicker than most extensions.
  3. No top of the head pony tail (clip-in ponytail)
  4. You must dry the attachment area well since leaving wet can lead to mold in the hair and knotting.

(I could list more Pros & Cons such as more maintenance, but maintenance is a given for all hair extension methods.  I listed Pros & Cons specifically for hand tied hair.

You may think I am being harsh on this method, but it is not optimal for all hair types.  It is important to understand that all hair extensions require you pay more attention to your hair and many can not be worn in a top high pony tail, but this method works best for thicker hair and/or hair that is hard to fill with other methods such as tape or individual strands.  

As with all hair extensions, proper consulting with an experienced stylist is the key.  Understanding your own hair texture and desired look should be conveyed to your stylist, as well as your lifestyle.  

When seeking a professional hair extension salon, it is important that they offer an array of methods.  Keep an open mind about which method of hair extensions will work best for your hair and get the results that you want.

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