Psychic Predictions 2020 PaRT 2

Psychic Predictions 2020 PaRT 2

Show Notes from our "Hair Matters Podcast"   Click Link to listen,

/Sophia Loren Psychic Prediction 2020

Will Italian Beauty Icon take ill this year?

We joined renowned psychic medium, Ellen Damsky, for more predictions for 2020 and we never know which direction our conversations will take!  We discussed Ellen's past predictions over 1 month ago and she was spot on!   Below are the highlights from this weeks episode

1) . Trump is ahead of the presidential election, but it is still anyone's game!  No Joe Biden or any current nominees will be the winner.  The competition has not yet arrived on the scene!

2) . Iran will retaliate for the U.S. killing of their general in a series of small acts of terror.  

3) .  Sophia Loren may take ill this year and hopefully not pass.

4) . Brad & Jennifer Anniston have a special connection and there  may be a brief reconciliation. (Everyone seems hopeful).

Psychic Predictions 2020 Part 2

We definitely took a turn down a different road during this podcast and our conversation led us to does evil exist?  Ellen, raised Jewish, was taught not to believe in evil, but she recalls meeting one man who was pure evil.  She shook his hand and witness his evil acts, later she discovered he has an awful history of violent bad acts.  

Ellen also discussed that "stigmata" goes beyond what we know as the marks of Jesus!  She witnessed a pentagram stigmata appear on the face of a friend!  Actually, many people witnessed her clients stigmata.

Ellen practices Kabbalah - which roots are in Jewish mysticism.  

Ellen feels that we all have the ability to receive psychic messages, but she states that true psychics are born into this world.  I hope you enjoy our podcast & don't take anything too seriously!





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