Psychic Predictions Covid-19 Pandemic

Psychic Predictions Covid-19 Pandemic

We had an opportunity to interview renowned psychic Ellen Damsky on Zoom for our Hair Matters Podcast regarding the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Psychic Predictions Covid-19 Pandemic

Ellen had some stellar predictions on our podcast in August of 2019 for the year 2020, one such being a worldwide shake-up & a "major downturn" to the world economy!  We asked her questions about the world as we know it and below are some highlights.

When will the pandemic be over?

Ellen's spiritual connections are telling her 3 - she is assuming 3 weeks for a peak & decline in the northeast and warns against opening the country too soon. She agrees with Sylvia Brown's prediction that the virus will hit fast and dissipate, but predicts the return sooner than Sylvia's 10-year prediction.  

Was this virus truly from Wuhan wet market or bio-warfare?

Her message was there was no conspiracy & this did come from the wet markets.  She does believe in bio-warfare but does not believe this was an attack. She noted that similar plagues come about every 100 years and this was just the perfect storm for covid-19

Will the country open up economically?

It will be in pockets but warns of opening too soon since the virus is not under control.  She believes businesses should not rely on vetting people based on symptoms but warns that small businesses in the service industry, should only see customers/clients on a limited basis expanding hours to allow for very small groups of people.

How is the Trump administration handling the pandemic?

It is no secret that Ellen is not a fan of President Trump and does not like how he is using the pandemic (as she believes) for political reasons.  Her best advice is to rely upon the medical professionals and not to be overzealous about opening our country.

Is there a spiritual purpose to this?

We pointed out that many of the viral peaks are during religious observations. Ellen feels our God is not wrathful, but the pandemic is an opportunity to appreciate life as we knew it and they only fight is to pray and meditate.  It is now time for self-reflection.

On a lighter note, Dan asked if Carol Baskin killed her husband, the same question a reporter posed to President Trump during the 4/8/20 press conference.  Like the president, she has no idea who he was talking about, but her guides said "no!'

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken many lives and the virus is nothing that our country anticipated or experienced in 100 years.  Her advice, along with many doctors, epidemiologists and experts are to stay home, send love and protect ourselves.  This starts with every American being responsible, socially distancing, and taking this virus very seriously.









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