psychic predictions for 2020

psychic predictions for 2020

Show Notes from our Hair Matters Podcast 

psychic predictions for 2020

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Part of the fun of owning a hair salon is the eclectic and fascinating clients/friends we meet, such as world renowned psychic Ellen Damsky.  Tune into our Hair Matters Podcast to listen to the entire interview.  Below are the questions we asked!

Antonio Brown Case?

Ellen feels the case will be swept under the rug with the influence of Bill Belechik.  The timing of the case is off, therefore, she believes not guilty!

When will Tom Brady Retire?

Will the New England Patriots go to the  Super Bowl?

Ellen predicts a sleeper season and they will not go as far as the Super Bowl; She also senses Tom may spend a lot of time of the bench this upcoming season :(

Will Tom Brady Retire?

She predicts that Tom will retire while on top, she believes this is his last season

The Jeffrey Epstein Case?

Ellen believes he was a man of perversion, again, the case will eventually fade away.  She does believe that some "Elite" names will come out, but we will never know the true story. There is a black book, but no one will ever admit Bill Clinton was involved.

Will Donald Trump win the Presidential Election 2020?

It is obvious that personally she does not like Trump, but she gave us an unequivocal "no" answer!

Ellen believes that we are in a recession, even though it does not necessarily appear that way.  She believes that the global economy will take a hit and real estate will have a major correction.

We are from Boston, Ellen predicts that the large cities real estate, such as Boston will not be impacted.  She does believe there will be an unconventional way of purchasing home - such as eliminating realtors!  

For New England, she predicts a bad winter with more ice than snow!

In the past Ellen has been spot on, only the future will tell!  If you would like a reading by Ellen feel free to contact for contact information






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