Russian Hair Extensions The Best

Russian Hair Extensions The Best

Russian Hair Extensions are considered the gold standard of all human hair in the industry.  Russian Hair is rare to find since there are not as many donors compared to other countries such as China & India.  

What makes Russian Hair superior is that there is less processing, particularly in lighter shades.  The origin of the hair is lighter, therefore no acid wash is used which enables the hair to be reusable and can last for over a year with proper maintenance.  Our Russian hair is available in many applications, the most popular being Keratin tipped and Tape Hair.

At Noelle Salon we pride ourselves with carrying the highest quality hair available.  Asian hair is stripped of it's natural cuticle which makes it easy to tangle and matte.  The strands are far thicker and harder to blend into natural hair. Investing in Russian Hair is logical because it will last longer without the risk of knotting. Below are more facts that will help you decide to try us!

Russian Hair Extensions
  • It’s common knowledge that Russian hair is considered to be the best hair in the world. It is valued for its soft, silky structure, natural luster and suppleness. It is fairly called “Russian Gold”, as 90% of this hair is donated by Russian women.
  • The process of hair collection is quite complicated. Numerous teams of hair dealers are traveling around the whole country searching for best quality Russian hair
  • Hair receiving points are organized in local hairsalons. Women of different ages who want to sell their precious tails just bring them to the collectors. Each tail is being thoroughly checked and hygenically treated.
  • Each single lock of raw Russian hair has its own history, its own unique texture and color and shade. 


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