The HabitAware Bracelet At TedXFargo

The HabitAware Bracelet At TedXFargo

The HabitAware Bracelet Interview

Interview with HabitAware Keen Bracelet with Founder Aneela Idnani Kumar

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Today we have a very special guest on Hair Matters, welcome Aneela Indani Kumar one of the founders of the Tracking HabitAware Bracelet.

How Does The HabitAware Bracelet Work

Today we will be discussing this amazing invention that helps with BFRB (Body Focused Repetitive Behavior such as trichotillomania, nail biting, skin picking and more.  As a salon that specializes in Trichotillomania, your bracelet has received rave reviews from our clients. They have tried everything and I can say the bracelet is one they collectively find works.   We will get into the workings of the bracelet in a few moments

Aneela suffered from BFRB (Body Focused Repetitive Behavior) from when she was a teen.  She pulled her hair and brows. She felt like an outcast growing up. Later, her husband caught her pulling on her brows and asked her to stop.  “I wish something other than you can remind me I am doing this!” she replied. That is when the HabitAware bracelet by Keen was first mastermind.  It is a tracking bracelet with an app that gently tugs on your wrist when BFRB behavior is exhibited. Then, the person is asked to acknowledge their behavior, if they do they win!  It is essentially a form of cognitive behavioral therapy you can work on yourself.

Aneela & her husband, Amir, invented the bracelet and took to the Minneapolis tech community.  The bracelet was birthed and has been an amazing help and at Noelle Salon, we can attest to that by our customers reviews.  “It really helps” stated one of our Trichotillomania clients.

There  are so many misconceptions regarding BFRB’s - such as the behavior is one of self-harm.  Can you clear up that misunderstanding

Aneela, an expert in the field, explained that Trichotillomania and other BFRB’s are a form of self-soothing and most are not conscience of their behavior, later to feel miserable.

My clients have found this bracelets has brought awareness to their subconscious behavior.  They feel accountable and love the fact that the bracelet allows them to acknowledge their behavior.  

Aneela will be on TedxFargo airing in September - such an accomplishment!  We will update when the episode will air! You can purchase for approximately $150.00.  You can not put a price on happiness!


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