Tips for Healthy Hair Start today

Tips for Healthy Hair Start today

In a world full of hair products promising the cure for damaged or unhealthy hair - I had to write a give you tips for healthy hair start today!  These tips are inexpensive, easy and do not involve any fancy hair products.

1) Massage your scalp.  Best time to massage your scalp is when your hair is unwashed and your natural oils are collected on your scalp.  Just take the tips of your fingers and massage all over your head for at least 5 minutes.  This will also help to distribute your natural oils to the rest of your hair leaving it well coated & protected.  You will also stimulate blood circulation to the hair follicle which results in hair growth!

2)  Brush your hair, best practice is to brush your hair when it is dry.  Brush at least 3 times a day with a natural bristle brush - such as boars bristle.  Brushing will gently remove hair that natural sheds on a daily basis.  Many of my clients with thin hair do not brush often enough in fear of loosing more hair.  This is the furthest from the truth.   Start today.

3)  Gently comb hair after washing & when wet.  Your hair is weakest when wet, best practice is to use a wide tooth comb and start combing from the bottom of the hair up in sections.  If your hair is super tangly, comb in the shower with conditioner and then rinse. NEVER put your hair up wet, this will only lead to breakage.

4)  Ditch the flat iron!  As a salon owner, I have witnessed the leading cause of hair damage is using a flat iron - especially over 350 degrees (aside from over processing with bleach).  Many clients are addicted to their flat iron and eventually have to use  an iron on a daily basis to smooth their hair.  Use velcro roller instead.  You can use large velcro rollers on dry hair to smooth out the hair follicle  and add volume.  Purple colored rollers are my favorite - leave them in while you get ready, apply your make up or lounging in the house.

5)  Use dry shampoo with caution.  Dry shampoo is great on the days you can not wash, but it can clog your hair follicles.  I suggest using on an occasion where your hair is really greasy, no more than once a week.

6)  Add Gelatin to your diet & hair.  Gelatin is inexpensive & can be mixed with flavored water.  I have a client that uses gelatin religiously - and her hair is gorgeous!

tips for healthy hair start today


7)  Speaking of Gelatin- make your own Gelatin mask for topical use.  Just mix 1 tablespoon of Gelatin powder with cool water, stir and allow the gelatin to thicken.  You can also add a a 1/2 tsp of honey to the mix for super hydration (honey can cause hair lightening, just be aware).  Apply the mask to freshly washed hair and leave in for 5 minutes to 1/2 hour.  Do this twice a week, you will be amazed.

8) Eat a diet rich with healthy fats.  Our diet effects our hair in so many ways.  Try to eat oily fish such as salmon.  Eat egg yolks, avocado's, nuts & seeds.

tips for healthy hair start today

9)  Do not over use protein products - too many shampoos or styling products with protein or labeled "keratin" can cause breakage - use sparingly.  

These tips are fool proof and I hope you start implementing them today! If you have any questions feel free to comment~


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