Working with the transgender community, in particular trans women, has been one of the best experiences in my career.  There is a large community of trans women that are looking for salons that are open-minded that will cater to their unique needs.  We offer a wide variety of wigs, hair pieces, hair extensions as well as makeup, and over all styling!  

Beautiful Transgender Model

You will find the transgender community to be a loyal one, very welcoming and open for suggestions.  Offering a private area for services is also a good idea for those who choose privacy.  These group of women have become my friends over time, and we have forged strong relationships.  Getting involved in local community events is also an easy way to meet new faces.  I have worked with trans women and trans girls from the ages of 8 (accompanied by parents) to 70, and it does my heart good.  Recently, I have worked with feminization techniques and wardrobe selection.

It is gratifying to help transform someone who appreciates your creativity and ideas. Along the way, as a “GG” (genetic girl) I have learned some awesome beauty tricks.  Makeup is a must, and learning the string, temporary facelift is quite helpful. Becoming a transgender friendly salon has afforded me the opportunity to speak on behalf of my clients in the news and other media outlets.

We often work with male to female transition clients, offering a private setting for those who like to be anonymous.  As the years pass, the acceptance has grown and being part of the LGBT Community is a pleasure

Transgender woman
Transgender woman

It was an honor to be featured on many local television stations encouraging LGBT support