transgender hair styling

transgender hair styling

Excerpt from Hair Matters Live Podcast!  Click the Link to Listen

A live seminar at the "First Event Conference" at the Park Plaza Hotel on January 30, 2020.  Our seminar on "Handling & Growing Hair" was a great success with over 30 attendees from all over the country.  

transgender hair styling

Hair Extensions at our Transgender Friendly Salon

We notice the trend for trans women hair is far more natural than synthetic wigs that are obvious and not very natural looking.  Our seminar focused on creating natural hair styles by using human hair toppers,  partial wigs, and hair extensions.  Trans women prefer to wear their own hair instead of tying it up in a wig that is does not allow the scalp to breathe and causes hair loss!   So many trans women have grown out their own hair,  but need a little help.  Some need hair toppers in which we semi-permanently attach without shaving or gluing.  Others prefer hair extensions to fill in their own hair.  We collaborate with Ponce De Leon Med Spa for those who are lacking hair in certain areas.  Deb Fauci uses Platelet Rich Fibrin with Acell to assist in hair growth.  This treatment utilizes your own blood which is filled with stem cells and promotes hair growth.  This treatment has been used in dentistry for years to promote bone growth!  With the assistance of Deb, we have helped our transgender clientele grow their own hair and allow our salon to use hair pieces, toppers and extensions and our clients are shedding their wigs!  PRF is a completely natural process for those who are not candidates for hair transplants, it is less costly, non-surgical and a great option.

Jessica, a client, attended the seminar and graciously allowed attendees to view her attached hair topper.  We received many pertinent questions and below are a few, please listen to our podcast for complete details.

Q & A

1) . How many PRF Treatments are needed to sprout hair?

     3 to 4 treatments, 6 weeks apart and repeated annually as needed.  PRF wakes up         dormant hair follicles.  Deb is a nurse injector as well..

2) . What is the cost of PRF?

       $950 per treatment,  Care Credit is available

3) . What are hair toppers made of?

       Human hair

4) . How are hair pieces attached?

       We link them in with a composite link, and we reattach every 4 to 6 weeks

5) . Can you color your hair & the hair topper?

       Yes, they are made of human hair of the highest quality

6) .  What type of hair extensions are available?

        We use a variety of hair extensions to suit your own hair, some are individual

         strands, some are tape, some are tied in.

6) . How long do hair extensions last and are they reusable?

       Some last 5 months, some are reattached after 6 weeks and are reusable.

We were elated at how many attendees said "wow,"  they had no idea of the options available to them!  We literally consulted many of the attendees at the seminar, tried on hair pieces and hair extensions.   Deb of Ponce DeLeon was able to consult attendees with hair loss and advice whether they are candidates for PRF.

There were many transgender advocates at First Event as well as hospitals and plastic surgeons. We recommend this event for all in the LGBTQ community.   It was an amazing experience and we thank all who attended.













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