trichotillomania a bfrb

trichotillomania a bfrb

Trichotillomania A BFRB .

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  We would like to welcomed our special guest Rachel. we thank you for sharing your story and experience with Trichotillomania a hair pulling condition.  Trich is considered a “BFRB” Body Focused Repetitive Behavior - many of us have a form of this whether it be skin picking, nail biting and even pulling out your own hair.

Interview with Rachel, we hope anyone suffering from Trichotillomania realizes they are not alone & her advice helps!

Trichotillomania a BFRB

Rachel you are a client/friend of our salon and you have been so vocal about your condition - you have helped so many and we want to thank you for that.


  1.  How old were you when you first discovered you had Trich
    Rachel first discovered she suffered from Trich in 8th grade after a bout with lice.  She was then itchy and hyper focused on her hair.  She noticed the different textures of her hair, growing from her roots.  Shortly thereafter, she started to pull out the hair that felt unique


2)  I have suffered with anxiety and lived in silence which can lead to isolation, did you experience the same?

Rachel has also suffered with forms of anxiety and ocd.  Not everyone that has Trich suffers in this way, but a high percentage do.


3)  What treatments have you tried and what were the most effective?

Rachel did not find that anti-depressants helped, but she did find that over the counter amino acids curbed some of the pulling.


4)  What advice would you give to parents who discover their child is pulling out their hair, brows etc.

Rachels dad supported her, where her mother ruled with an iron fist.  It is important for parents to calmly address their child behavior with compassion and understanding.

5)  Today, Trich is more accepted, but often misunderstood.  You live a normal lifestyle! Any pointers on how you achieved this.

Rachel is a college professor, acceptance is what she strived for over the years.  She wears a hairpiece from our salon for security, this helps her to feel comfortable!


6)  Acceptance is so important - this is not a life threatening condition and so many intelligent people suffer from all walks of life - do you talk about this to friends, boyfriends?

She does not share her issues with anyone unless she is in a serious relationship.


7)  I know you where a hair piece that is tied into your hair - do you feel this will be a permanent solution for you?

She has some long term hair loss, she could live life without a hair piece.  Rachel feels more confident with a hair piece.  We do not shave or glue, we attach they hair piece by tying it into our clients hair.


9)  You are very confident, funny with an infectious laugh - so many come to our salon depressed and somber.  What advice can you give to someone that just admitted they have Trich?

It was a long journey, but a support system of friends, family and a friendly salon allows her to feel normal.  Which she is, very normal.


10)  The HabitAware bracelet is another cool way to remind yourself when you are about to pull?

So many clients of Noelle Salon use the HabitAware bracelet by Keen created by Aneela Idnani Kumar (a fellow sufferer) to be one of the most amazing ways to remind themselves they are pulling.  The bracelet has an app, and you program pulling or picking behavior.  The bracelet gives a gentle hug to the wrist when it notices bfrb behavior!  It brings aware to habits and awareness leads to curbing pulling, picking etc.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to email - we are always available to help!




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