what men think of women's beauty enhancements

what men think of women's beauty enhancements


Excerpt from our Podcast Hair Matters, Listen on Spotify by Clicking Here <<https://open.spotify.com/episode/4Xw6njtJHqe7x6ct41dZbG?si=iznEDNrMRO6tdRla84VOhg>>

 what somen think of women’s beauty enhancements such as hair extensions, eyelash extensions and cosmetic surgery.  With us today is Dan, a regular guy who happens to work with us! We will have Dan weigh in on his idea of beauty and enhancements. By the end of our Podcast we will see what guys really think~

My husband claims he likes the natural look, but I think we could both agree that a hot blond with boobs & booty will certainly get their attention.

We show Dan some before & afters of women with different enhancements, we did not pick the absurd since I think we could all agree anything over the top will get a thumbs down.

Of course this is a subjective point of view, but I know you are clueless about a lot of these procedures!  These are the pictures he was shown!


 Hair Extensions Before & After

Q.  Prefer before or after

A.  Dan liked her with longer hair!  He found her after picture very sexy!

before & after hair extensions


Lip Injections Before & After

Q.  Did Dan prefer lip injections?

A.  Not these!  He felt they were extreme

Hair Matters Podcast

 Butt Injections (the Kardashian Affect)

Most likely a fat transfer "Brazilian Buttlift"  What Did Dan think.  No way!  He preferred Kim smaller rounder butt.!

before & after buttlift

 Eyelash Extensions

Dan appears to be a man that likes a more natural look.  She felt she looked too high maintenance with eyelash extensions.







Rhinoplasty on Megan FoxWhat men think of hair extensions

Dan did not notice a significant difference, but did acknowledge that she looked a lot more "Hollywood" in her after picture!  He feels a large nose may require surgery, while Megan's nose did not!

Brown or Blonde Hair

Do men prefer blondes

Dan preferred this beautiful young actress as a brunette, but he has no preference on hair color!  Although, other men we polled claim to prefer brunettes.

Take Away

Most men are clueless as long as the look is not extreme!   But at the end of the day, exaggerated enhancements may capture their attention, ~ but may not keep them.


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