What To Do With Hair Roots While Quarantined

What To Do With Hair Roots While Quarantined

So many clients have called asking what they should do with their hair roots, grey or otherwise, while in quarantine due to COVID-19.  Some have asked if they should buy box dye in the interim, the answer is "no" please!  If you are uncomfortable with wearing a cute hat or cap, which is a great way to cover the head, please do not use box dye!  When you return to the salon, we will not be able to give you the beautiful color you love! Also, you will most likely destroy your foil or special color technique.  Below are some ideas to get you through this difficult time!

Gray Roots

Use a spray on color!  It washes off easily and will not change your hair color.  These sprays are offered in a variety of colors and will help get you through until salons reopen.

What to do with hair roots while quarantined

Dark Roots On Blonde Hair

There is no spray to lighten your hair, but how about giving your hair a bit of break during the shut in.  Dark roots on blonde hair is very popular, in fact, we use the balayage technique to create this look.  Use this time to get your hair in healthy.

Go Big

A great way to hide your roots is by adding volume to your hair.  You can do a gentle back comb at the area of the head most exposed and lock in the style with some hair spray.  Big hair is trending and a great way to cover your Rootie Tooties!

Slick It Back

Wear your hair slicked back in a cool bun or ponytail.  Even better, use hair mask or conditioner to slick your hair which will give you a wet look all the while conditioning your hair. 

Hat, Cap or Headband

Do you have a cute baseball cap or headband?  Now is the time to break it out, all the while looking fashionable, cute and stylish.

Top priority is staying safe and healthy!  During these days of social distancing - not many we be judging your hair since we are all in the same boat.  Please support your hair salon and come back when the dust settles.  Sending love.




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