Why we love teasy lights

Why we love teasy lights

Teasy highlights are replacing the conventional foil technique; combining the optimal processing (in a foil), no harsh highlight lines, effortless-looking roots, and lots of highlights, unlike a balayage. Teasy lights are a combination of balayage foil (foilyage), applied in smaller sections with different weave patterns.

Who is a candidate for teasy lights?

Do you desire a full head of highlights with dimension, and prefer an exposed root? Teasy lights are placed like foils, in small sections of the hair, but the subtle tease allows for a natural flow. A stylist has the ability to place highlights, and color, similar to a balayage with a more diffuse (sun-kissed) look. 

Similarly to baby lights, small sections of hair are taken and gently backcombed, and a lightener/color is placed below the backcombed section. The overall effect is natural but allows for more lightener to be placed all over the head. The teased portion creates small highlights, with an exposed root, without any lines of demarcation. 

Oftentimes, the balayage technique can appear blotchy, whereas the teasy lights create a natural color blend.


Although having your hair teased may feel strange, and you may think your hair is breaking, this is not true. We do not over-tease the hair, we just backcomb a few times before placing the lightener. I often use a shine spray on the teased area to ensure the tease is removed easily. At the wash sink, the teasy lights are removed and I use my fingers to remove the teased area, the shine spray helps to release the tease. Like all lightening processes, a hair mask after processing is the best way to keep the lightened strands healthy.

What's exciting!

You will be making fewer trips to the hair salon for highlight touch-ups since the grow-out process looks natural. Fewer trips to the salon will equate to more savings.  

We can create a larger weave or smaller weave (like foiling) and offer a full or partial teasy light service. This technique allows a stylist to be super creative, using DIP sectioning (half moon section), which will create more roots and fewer highlights.  

Do you love a money piece in the front of your hairline? The teasy light sectioning will create a natural-looking money piece with few exposed roots.  

Teasy light placement will vary based on the stylists, and the clients overall desired outcome. If high-impact color is your goal, try teasy lights -- you will not be disappointed. Always defer to a professional, I do not suggest trying this technique at home.  

At Noelle Salon, we specialize in the latest color techniques from balayage, foilyage, traditional highlighting, teasy lights, fantasy colors, and bleach/tone. We believe in continued education and are very fortunate to have years of experience along with a great relationship with hair color vendors.

Note: While there is a lot of fun to be had with a hair color chart and hair dye, if you have an existing hair color on your hair, you might need to be careful about the hair color remover and its process to achieve your baseline hair color to start from. While hair color trends for 2023 might get you ready for a fun season, taking the right precautions will get you there stress-free. 





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