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Instant Length: Individual Strand Hair Extensions

How Are Individual Strand Hair Extensions Changing The Hair Extensions Game?

The introduction of individual strand hair extensions has revolutionized the hair extensions game in countless ways. Gone are the days when we solely relied upon pre-made keratin micro bond extensions. Now, with innovations like V-light and CombLine extensions, we can cater to the unique needs and desires of our clients on a whole new level.The demand for single strand hair extensions has skyrocketed, and as a hair extension specialist, I have seen firsthand the surge in calls from clients wanting this cutting-edge technique. The versatility of these newer methods is truly remarkable. Unlike their pre-made counterparts, individual strand hair extensions, made of remy human hair, can be attached to sparse areas on fine and thinning hair such as bangs.

Individual Strand Hair Extensions: Instant Length

What to Consider

When considering individual strand hair extensions, it is important to remember that they are best suited for specific areas of the hair or those with very fine hair. We like to use these techniques as "Hair Fillers." These strands should not be used as a replacement for traditional hair extensions, as the amount of hair added and the application time may not be practical. Instead, combining other methods such as fusion hair extensions, wefts, or micro beads with single strand extensions can provide a more comprehensive solution for thinning areas. By understanding the unique needs and desires of our clients and offering a range of options, we can ensure that each person receives the perfect solution for their hair extension needs.

Individual Strand Hair Extensions: Instant Length

Individual Strand Hair Extensions: Instant Length

How Do The Individual Strand Extensions Work?

We use bulk hair in a variety of colors and textures, we then take a few hair strands, blend them into your own hair, add our exclusive adhesive, and use a comb like extension tool to blend into our clients hair. This technique creates a flawless blend, and some adhesive require a UV light curing system included in the V-light hair extensions system.

Individual Strand Hair Extensions: Instant Length

What to Avoid on Single Strand Hair Extensions?

Proper hair care is paramount for all hair extensions, but especially for the newer techniques. It essential to understand that since we are attaching a few strands of hair extensions at a time - these extensions will not last as long as traditional hair extensions. Since we all shed hair on a daily basis, the natural hair fall will allow them to release sooner since they are attached to less of our hair. Now let's go over best practices;

1). Shampoo gently and avoid conditioner near the attachment areas.

2). Do not scrub your scalp where they are placed, carefully detangle with your fingers,

3). Dry your hair 100%

4). Do not use hot tools near the attachment.

5). Avoid products that contain oil

6). Wash your hair when it gets oily

Individual Strand Hair Extensions: Instant Length

Mixing Hair Extension Methods

Since individual strands work best at the top of the head, we can use traditional hair extension methods on areas where you have more hair! This will allow us to add length and volume, and long lasting experience. We will then use Combline or V-light extensions to attach hair to your bangs, crown and other fine areas.

Individual Strand Hair Extensions: Instant Length

Pricing Considerations

We will adding less hair, but the application process is more labor intense. An average price range to fill in thin areas of the hair; top, crown, bangs and sides starts at $250 with hair included. Keep in mind this is only to fill-in hair, but not an entire head of human hair extensions.

The Gold Standard Hair Extensions Quality

Our hair is made of remy human hair offered in a wide array of colors to match your hair such as ash blonde tones, golden blonde, darkest brown, chestnut and balayage and ombre transitions. We can also use the strands to create blonde highlights without the use of bleach. Title: The Benefits of UV Light Curing in Individual Strand Hair Extensions

V-Light & Combline Single Strand Extensions Adhesive

The medical grade adhesive is safe on your skin, leaving no residue or damage. The V-Light and Combline single strand extensions adhesive is specifically designed to securely attach each individual strand of hair, ensuring a natural and seamless blend with your own hair. It provides a strong hold while still allowing for easy removal when it's time to take out the extensions.

Individual Strand Hair Extensions: Instant Length

Seamless Integration

One of the key benefits of individual strand hair extensions is their ability to seamlessly integrate with your natural hair. With the skilled application technique, these extensions are virtually undetectable, giving you a flawless look that appears as though the extra strands of hair were always there.

Individual Strand Hair Extensions: Instant Length

Are They Removed Like Keratin Bonds?

The adhesive is not made of keratin therefore, we use a mixture containing argan oil to gently remove the adhesive. An alcohol based solution will also breakdown the adhesive, and the strands are combed out of your hair.

Individual Strand Hair Extensions: Instant Length

Other Hair Extensions We Offer

If you are looking for fuller and longer Hair:

Keratin Bond Hair Extensions: Our keratin bond hair extensions are another popular option for those seeking fuller and longer hair. These extensions use a high-quality keratin adhesive that is gentle on your hair and scalp. The keratin bonds are securely attached to your natural hair, providing a long-lasting hold.

Tape-in Hair Extensions:

For a quick and easy application, our tape-in hair extensions are the perfect choice. These extensions come with a strong adhesive strip that is applied close to the roots of your hair. The seamless integration allows for a natural look and feel.

All Types Of Wefts for a Beaded Sew-in: Genius Wefts are micro tracks of hair that are attached using small beads and a needle and thread. This method allows for maximum flexibility and versatility, as the wefts can be easily adjusted and moved around to achieve your desired look.

Volume Wefts for thicker hair If you're looking to add volume and thickness to your hair, our volume wefts are the ideal choice. These wefts are specially designed to give your hair a fuller appearance, making them perfect for those with thinner hair or anyone wanting to achieve a more voluminous look.

The volume wefts are made from high-quality hair that seamlessly blends with your natural hair. With their lightweight and comfortable design, you won't even notice that you're wearing extensions. Whether you want to enhance your current hairstyle or experiment with a new look, our volume wefts will ensure that your hair looks luscious.

Clip-in Hair Extensions:

If you prefer a temporary option that can be easily removed and reattached, our clip-in hair extensions are ideal. These extensions come with small clips that securely attach to your natural hair, giving you instant length and volume whenever you need it.

Veila Pull-Thru Hair Extensions: For a hassle-free hair transformation, our Veila Pull-Thru Hair Extensions are an absolute game-changer. These extensions are designed to seamlessly blend with your natural hair, creating a flawless and voluminous look in minutes.

The unique pull-thru design of these extensions allows for easy installation and removal, making them perfect for those who want a temporary style upgrade. Simply thread your natural hair through the loops of the extension and gently pull to secure it in place. Voila! Instant length and thickness that looks incredibly natural.

Individual Strand Hair Extensions: Instant Length

Considerations For Hair Loss

If you are experiencing hair loss due to Alopecia, or Trichotillomania, a custom integration may work best for you. We will help to determine if you are a candidate for hair extensions or if you have more than 50% hair loss - a hair topper, mesh integration system or wig may work best for you. A mesh layer is added to your hair attached with micro beads and a hair topper and hair extensions are attached.

Individual Strand Hair Extensions: Instant Length

Individual Strand Hair Extensions: Instant Length

Free Consultations

In conclusion, we offer free consultations to help you find the perfect individual strand hair extensions that suit your style and desired look. Our experts will assess your hair type and color, discuss your preferences, and provide personalized recommendations for the best extensions for you.

With our high-quality remy human hair and the use of UV light curing in our adhesive, you can trust that our individual strand hair extensions are of the gold standard in terms of quality. The seamless integration with your natural hair ensures a flawless blend that looks completely natural.

When it's time to remove the extensions, there is no need to worry. Our adhesive, which is a mixture containing argan oil, allows for easy and gentle removal. Additionally, an alcohol-based solution can be used to break down the adhesive, making it simple to comb out the strands without causing any damage to your natural hair.

At our salon, we understand that everyone's hair is unique, which is why we offer free consultations. During these consultations, our experts will carefully assess your hair type and color, taking into account your personal preferences and desired look. Based on their expertise, they will provide personalized recommendations for the best individual strand hair extensions that suit you.