A Free Hair Extensions For Hair Loss Consult With Possible Same Day Service


The new CombLine Hair Extensions, UV LIGHT, MICRO Bonds  &ICE  Extension technique allow us to literally add a few extension hairs to one of your own strands.  This patented technique is popular in Europe and works especially well on those with thinning hair on the top of the head, sides, hairline, and bangs.  The hair extensions are tension-free and work best with our virgin human hair, which will be expertly matched to your own hair color and texture!

We stock all colored hair in a variety of textures for same-day service.

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Duration 1 to 3 hours

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Prices Start at $200 with hair cost


More details:

We also combine this technique with other hair extension methods where your hair more dense.  We are the first salon in Massachusetts to offer this hair extension method, and we are also hair loss experts.

This works best for diffuse hair loss, in concentrated areas of the head.  If you are not a candidate for a hair topper, and your own hair will not cover traditional hair extensions -- then these hair extensions are for you!

The hair can be reused, if in good condition, and replaced every 6 to 10 weeks.  The hair extensions are strong enough to withstand washing and blow drying, extra care will be given at a free consultation. You can lead an active lifestyle, and we will help with products and care.

Hair Extensions For Thinning Hair & Hair Loss


Method of Extensions                                              How Long They Last

CombLine Extensions.                                                6 to 10 weeks hair reusable

Keratin Bonded                                                              4 to 5 months

I-Tip Hair Extensions                                                    6 to 8 months

Tape Hair Extensions                                                     5 to 6 months

Hand-tied Hair Extensions                                           6 to 8 months

Veila Pull-Thru Hair Extensions                                   1+ year(s)

CombLine Hair Extensions is a revolutionary design that addresses thin hair, and hair loss due to:

. Alopecia of all kinds

.  Trichotillomania

.  Alopecia Areata

.  Androgenetic Alopecia

.   Lichen Planopilaris

We are honored to offer this method to the New England Area. This revolutionary design is a game changer in the hair extension Industry.