Hair Color Balayage FULL HEAD With Root Or Color Melt



While specializing in balayage hair color in Boston, and working with tons of clients I have realized that there are some helpful bits of info that will assist you if you are considering balayage hair color.

Price:  Starting at $150 and hair color starts at $45

Duration:  1 to 3 hours

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What is Balayage Hair Color?

In French, balayage means to "sweep" - we are literally sweeping color along your hair.  This free-hand painting can be done with color/bleach to achieve a natural highlight effect.  Balayage leaves your roots exposed while achieving a sun-kissed look.  The strokes of the brush allow a stylist to be super creative vs. applying foils.  Foils create a very structured highlight.

A balayage allows for a softer more natural look - with darker roots to lighter ends.  You can use the balayage technique on almost all colors.


10 Tips you need to know with stylist terminology

1)  Balayage takes longer to process, therefore you will initially pay more in the salon. In the long run, you will not need to touch up as often.  In the long run, you may save money.

2)  Balayage looks better every time you do it.  Each visit will allow us to apply color where it is needed, essentially customizing a color perfect for you.

3)  Thicker hair takes more time to apply. In order to avoid creating a stripy look, more sections of color need to be applied.

4)  Darker hair may require the hair to be processed in a foil which allows for maximum saturation & heat.  Don't think you are not getting a balayage if your hair is placed in a foil or "foilayage"

5)  We may color your roots if corrective color is needed or if your roots do not blend well with the highlight or added color.  This is called a "color melt" or "root smudge".

6)  You do not need to be blonde to have a balayage - an expert stylist can apply any color from red to caramel.

7)  Thin & fine hair tends to be a bit easier to balayage since the hair cuticle is less dense and processes more quickly.

8)  Use color-safe shampoo products, sulfate-free products, and moisturizing conditioners to keep your hair healthy and your color vibrant. 

9)  If you have a home that has well water or hard water think about changing your shower head to one that filters out metals that dry out hair & stain the color.  We also have in-salon treatments to remove buildup, metals, and chlorine.  

10)  Blondes; use a purple shampoo weekly to keep highlights bright!

I always suggest that you ask for a free consultation before having your hair processed.  You should consult before the color or stop in a salon prior to the service.  At Noelle Salon, we offer free online consultations where you can tell us about your desire and send pictures of your hair!