A Hair Extensions "Full Head " With REMOVAL & NEW SET". ALL KINDS


Hair extensions of all kinds in a new complete set, if you are reapplying a new set of hair extensions your removal is free of charge.  The price includes beautiful quality virgin hair.  Keratin-bonded hair extension removal takes longer than other methods of hair extensions.  If you have questions, feel free to contact us prior to booking.

For current guests, or new guests that are certain they would like to book.  Option: Select free consultation and same-day service if you want to discuss before booking.

This is for a full head of hair extensions that gives both length and volume.  Price varies based on the thickness of your hair, your hair length, your desired outcome, and your method of choice.  If you research, we are half the price of our competition, and we are wholesalers, we pass the savings on to you! 

Prices start at $550 including hair cost, application, cutting, and styling

Duration 2 to 4 hours.

Available for same-day service.

Our Veila Brand of virgin human hair extensions is in stock in all textures from wavy, straight, and curly in the below methods of application.

Prices start at $550 including hair cost, application, cutting, and styling

.  Keratin Bonds

.  Beaded Row Hair Extensions; hand-tied, genius, volume, and machine wefts

.  Tape-In hair extensions

.  I-Tip Hair Extensions

. Veila Pull-Thru Hair Extensions

We have your hair in stock! With over 50 years of combined hair extension experience, we are your go-to salon.

Noelle Salon has been a leader in the hair extension industry for nearly thirty years, our success is due to offering high-quality hair extensions at a good value, as well as providing same-day service. Now salon owners can use our business model of "same-day" service hair extensions with our new hair extension store in the local Boston area.  The store stocks "virgin hair" in various hair extension methods, colors, and textures. We also have an online shopping site VeilaHairExtensions.com for that outside our area.

 Our store is located in our salon at 195 Green Street, Melrose Mass. we also offer training in our facility. Our brand "Veila Hair" offers ethically sourced hair from many countries from a one-donor source. One-donor aka. virgin hair is more supple, resilient, and long-lasting and has a natural wave.

Our store has stock in our new design of Veila Pull-Thru hair extensions, injected hair pull-thru, tape hair extensions, volume hair wefts, genius wefts, machine wefts, hand-tied wefts, and keratin bond hair extensions. 

We have added an exclusive line of curly and wavy hair from Brazil. Indian hair is permed in order to create a curl, over time, the curl loosens and the hair can become dry. Our Brazilian hair is natural and offered in an array of colors, this is a game-changer for customers with natural hair and different textured hair.  

Our hair extensions are sold at half the price of our competition both in-store and online, and the virgin quality is superior to other types of hair. Our hair emporium will allow our clients to pick their hair before applying, stylists to purchase on-site and they can schedule training, it is a win-win for everyone!