Hair Extension Consultation Same Day Service
Hair Extension Consultation Same Day Service
Hair Extension Consultation Same Day Service

A Free Hair Extensions Consultation with Same-day Service Hair In Stock in a variety of methods


Our variety of in-stock hair extensions allows us to offer same-day service! This is approximately a 4-hour appointment.  We specialize in all textures from straight, and wavy to curly. See, touch, and feel your hair extensions. 

Our salon has its own hair extension store, you will see all types of hair extensions available in the hair extension world, in a variety of textures.

We call this "Instant Gratification!"

A free consultation will help determine which method of in-stock hair extensions is right for you.  We offer a variety of methods, in stock for same-day service! 

All hair extension services include application, cutting, and styling.  Prices vary based on your own hair and desired outcome. 

Our staff is well-versed in all types of hair extensions. Noelle Spinosa has 30 years of experience with hair extensions, Yodit has 20 years of experience, Lindsey has 15 years of experience, Diane Fritz has 30 years of experience, Kristin has 10 years of experience, and Krystina 5 years of experience.

1) Keratin-bonded individual strands

2)  I-tip hair extensions

3) Beaded Sew-In Wefts (hand-tied, volume, genius weft)

4). Our own exclusive pull-thru method with no glue, tape or sewing

5) Tape in hair extensions

6) Braided weave hair extensions

Preserving your investment and beautiful new hair extensions is the ultimate goal in keeping your extensions healthy and long-lasting.  There are simple adjustments both with styling and lifestyle that will help you to have a superior extension-wearing experience. 

I once had a client enter a hot tub while wearing her hair down, her beautiful hair was sucked into the jets of the hot tub, and her extensions became a complete disaster.


1) Wash your hair often enough to control oil build-up.  Oil has a strange way of breaking down hair extension attachments such as; keratin bonds, i-tips, and tape.  Washing will vary based on your own oil production and is extremely important in keeping the attachment healthy which will lead to less shedding.

2)Use a shampoo and conditioner best suited for your hair type (your stylist will help). Be sure to use your fingers or a suitable brush or wide toothcomb to detangle your hair.  You may want to comb through your hair while the conditioner is on which will help in the detangling process.

3) Do wear a bathing cap in chlorine, if this is not possible, then rinse your hair with fresh water prior to swimming.  Freshwater will create a barrier to help chlorine from permeating into your hair.

4) Do dry your hair, especially at the roots.  I recommend letting your hair air dry for a bit, then blow-dry section by section. Separate your hair into quadrants, then rows of hair, and blow-dry.

5). When sleeping,  put your hair in a loose braid to avoid knots.  A silk pillowcase reduces friction and prevents tangles.

6). Be sure to not sleep with your hair wet.  Wet hair swells and will cause tangles. This habit will also break down the attachment area.

7). Use a cold styling method such as velcro rollers either under a hooded dryer or on dry hair.  They will smooth the hair extensions and add volume.

8). Use a treatment mask such as; Olaplex, Truss Miracle, and Brazilian Blowout on a monthly basis and more often in the dry winter months.

9) Consider a filtered showerhead if you have well water.  Well water is filled with minerals such as copper which will not only destroy your hair extensions but wreaks havoc on your skin.