A Free Trichotillomania Hair Loss Consultation


We know how sensitive this condition can be, and we are here to help.  Our hair toppers, custom-wigs, and custom toppers are applied without shaving or gluing, they create a barrier to prevent pulling, and restore your beautiful hair.  We welcome parents to sit in on the consultation and will help you to seek insurance assistance. We have literally worked with thousands of clients, and you are not alone.  We have assisted in bringing Trich to the forefront, and have many resources to help with recovery.


Duration:  1/2 hour

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"Bfrb" (Body focused repetitive behavior) encompasses many behaviors such as hair pulling, aka "Trich."  I was pleasantly surprised to meet the Clinical Director of CBIT Therapy, Susan Epping,  Our hair systems create a barrier to help prevent pulling hair and help to stop the obsession with the action of pulling out hair and work well with Habit Reversal Therapy.  Many of our clients are now in remission utilizing a combination of both hair systems and CBIT.  

"CBIT Therapy uses sensory integration, which is a habit reversal strategy, the TLC ComB protocol, and direct CBIT  responses to help patients to stop their behaviors such as hair pulling and picking.  They research consequences and incidents of grooming behaviors, as well as triggers that cause the behavior including factors such as the environments and people with whom and when the Trich occurs, exact motivation and thoughts related to grooming, physical sensations felt when pulling, the patient's moods and environment that trigger behaviors, an inspection of pulling sites, and the muscular action involved in pulling hair. Treatment also involves determining what is done with the hair when pulled. 

Reversal Habit Therapy is a promising modality, taking CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to another level and focusing on repetitive behaviors.  

Our salon is training other stylists, across the country, to work with our hair systems and hair extensions that are successful in creating a "barrier."  We never shave or glue our hair systems or hair extensions, we have created our own application technique and brand.  The information can be found on VeilaHairExtensions.com.  We recommend that clients that can not travel to us, ask their stylist/salon to investigate our brand and training.  We offer virtual training as well! 

It is our goal to take our care a step further than aesthetic and barrier creation, but to create a network of professionals highly skilled in Trich, as well as other BFRB's  Noelle Salon is honored to work with many professionals and the TLC network.   We currently have a referral relationship with Mass General Hospital and other professional providers.