Transgender Services Help With Transition

Transgender Services

Transitioning gender is an emotional, confusing, and you may be seeking the advice of the experts.  We will address all your hair concerns, whether you are seeking a wig, a solution for hair loss, make-up and what style you want to show to the world.  Our experts have been working with the community for over 20 years, in fact, when Caitlin Jenner transitioned and announced it in Vanity Fair magazine. the media interviewed Noelle Salon for her expert opinion.  

All questions are welcome, we will help you on the adventure to feminize your hair, from hair cutting, color and more!  It is our passion to work with the community, and yes we understand you!


We take your transition concerns very seriously, and respect your privacy.  When addressing your hair concerns; we will ask your advice!  What look will best suit you, your lifestyle, whether you are in transition or have transitioned.  Hair is super important, and a huge part of your identity.  For those with hair loss at the top of the head, our hair toppers, have worked perfectly.  We attached with a beaded matrix, or in conjunction with tape.  Our goal is to teach you how to work with your new hair, and keep your own hair healthy.  So many have grown their hair only to find they do not have enough hair at the top, or FFS surgery has damaged your front hair line.  
For those with shorter hair, looking for longer, thicker and fuller hair, our hair extensions work perfectly.  You will have instant long hair, that will be attached and reusable.  Styling and care is paramount, therefore you will be educated as to how to style, and care for your new human hair.
Wigs are also an option for those with complete hair loss, or looking for a temporary solution.  Our human hair wigs will be customized to your style, we will show you how to care for them, and we want you to feel comfortable.
You can book an appointment via our online app, we suggest a free consultation first, or you can also book a free consultation with a same day service.  We stock all types of hair extensions, hair toppers and some wigs.  Each online service has a detailed explanation of what we offer, but if you have additional questions, please call, hit the chat box, or leave an online message.
We also offer make-up lessons or special event make-up; like your hair, we will help you achieve the style you desire or will give you our expert advice.  We take pride in working with the community, and we want you to feel validated, appreciated and beautiful.

We offer free consultations in a private area, specializing in transgender hair and styling.  Our wigs, hair toppers, and hair extensions are customized to suit your vision.  We will create the perfect look for you!


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