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Hair Color Blonding Appointment Bleach & Tone


Prior to your appointment, we will evaluate your hair to ensure it is healthy for a bleaching service.  This is an all-over bleach appointment using the finest quality lightener.  If this appointment involves color correction, please book under color correction. 

Add hair extension move-up, full head or whatever you desire

Prices start at $100 

Duration 1.5 hours to 3 hours

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10 tips on going platinum blonde

Platinum blonde should appear opalescent, shiny, and healthy. If your own hair is damaged, then going platinum is not your best option. Of course, all stylists would prefer to work with a client with virgin hair, but that is simply not always the case.

1). Be prepared to touch up roots every three to four weeks depending on how quickly your own hair grows. If you let your roots grow too long, then bleaching can create bands (lines of demarcation), making the lightening process difficult and possibly damaging.

2) You may need to visit the salon for toners in between visits, hair naturally oxidizes creating yellowy tones, and toning will help to combat these unwanted undertones.

3). Make sure your budget allows for frequent salon visits.

4) Bleached hair is more porous and may take longer to blow-dry. You will need to invest in at-home care to keep your hair healthy. But you may still experience some breakage.

5) Porous hair, due to bleaching, will hold a better curl set. Therefore, you may not need to wash and style your hair as often.  

6) You may want to change your foundation, lipstick, and make-up to compliment your platinum hair.

7) You may want to change some of your wardrobe color choices; black is amazing, but white clothing can look bland, as well as emphasize strange tones in your hair.  

8) Blonde hair will definitely turn heads; if you like attention then blonde is the way to go.

9) Platinum blonde can be harsh on the skin tone, it tends to look best on pale skin or darker skin. A complexion with a yellow undertone may not look best with platinum hair.

10). Protect your hair when spray tanning, and use tanning lotion since it can add a strange orange hue to your platinum hair.

What to do if you don't like your platinum hair color?

I certainly do not recommend coloring hair darker on a whim, the process takes color filling, and going dark may be a shock to your system. Instead, consider having a root melt applied with a bit of a darker tone. A root melt will immediately add dimension, and may just be what the doctor ordered.

You may want to add some lowlights to the root melt, or a reverse balayage. Your hair will still be blond, but with complimentary color that adds dimensions, and will help to avoid the awkward grow-in phase.


Really think about going platinum, it can be life-changing in both a positive and negative way. Always seek the advice of a professional colorist, particularly one that specializes in blonde hair. There are stylists that only work on creating stunning blond hair color in a variety of techniques.

Do you happen to have any advice to give on going platinum blonde? Please use the comment section below, we appreciate and love your advice.

Note: While there is a lot of fun to be had with a hair color chart and hair dye, if you have an existing hair color on your hair, you might need to be careful about the hair color remover and its process to achieve your baseline hair color to start from. While hair color trends for 2023 might get you ready for a fun season, taking the right precautions will get you there stress-free.