Hair Cut Boys and Mens


Clipper cuts, scissors, and the latest cutting trends. Lately, boys and men are coming back to the hair salon versus the barber shop because we specialize in long haircuts, and we do not necessarily use hair buzzers.

Generation Z has been growing in their hair, and texturizing the hair is essential to avoid blunt lines in a haircut.  We call the look "The Abercrombie Cut! The haircut is an updated version of the early 2000s skater-boy look.

Price $45 and up

Duration: 30 minutes

We have continuing education in hair-cutting techniques, utilizing all types of hair shears, and razors to create a trendsetting style.  We also specialize in clipper haircuts, but we do not offer to shave.

Get pampered at our salon, if more time is necessary to create your cool look, we can do it.  men's haircuts are sophisticated, but we are up-to-date on the latest haircut and styles.  Our knowledge of haircuts and styles spans over the decades, and everything that is old is often new.