Hair Cuts Includes Wash and Blow dry

Hair Cuts Includes Wash and Blow dry


Our team of creative stylists will give you the haircut of your dreams!  We specialize in short to long haircuts and are updated on the latest trends. 

Prices start at $55

Duration 1 hour +

We have experience in all types of hair textures;

1) Straight

2) Wavy 

3)  Kinky

4) Permed

5) Relaxed Hair

6) Textured 

Prices start at $55

Duration 1 hour +

Cutting your hair will allow your hair to look fresh, healthy, and stylish. I do caution that cutting a pixie or mullet may lead to regret! After all, these A-listers have stylists on speed dial, but we regular folk do not. They have the best wigs, and hair extensions ready to change their look in a blink of an eye.  

Growing out short layers, bangs and mullet styles can be complete hell! It takes months, if not years, to get your hair back to what you consider normal. Not even hair extensions work well with choppy layers since it can be impossible to blend into natural hair, and they will definitely not work with a pixie cut. Choppy or razored ends of the hair grow in very awkwardly, and the only way to get rid of them is to cut them off.  

If you are thinking of changing your look, and are used to longer hair, try a long bob, you will have a fresh look that can easily be transformed into longer hair with or without hair extensions.

I can not tell you how many requests I receive for the Jenna Ortega, (Wednesday Adam's) short choppy cut. I have mastered the cut that is a slightly elongated version of the new "butterfly haircut," but within two months, my clients are asking for help growing their hair. I have added hair extensions to some of them, although I do encourage them to try to grow in their hair for a bit before adding hair extensions. There are some high-quality, realistic, clip-in bangs that can be applied without the commitment of cutting your own hair.

If you are going for a shorter style, plan to wear it for the long haul. I am not trying to discourage you, but the grow-out process is difficult. I am a huge fan of adding layers to most hair lengths; from long to shoulder length, layers will give your hair the extra oomph and freshness without a long-term commitment. Consider upcoming events such as weddings, and special occasions, you may want to hold off cutting your hair until they have passed.

If you are craving a change, then do the reverse of what the celebrities do, invest in a wig! Wear the wig, decide if you like the look, and I assure you that you will receive lots of opinions. I am a firm believer in doing what you want, and not listening to others, but I have clients that want an immediate transformation if their friends and partner do not like their look.  

At Noelle Salon, we are specialists in all types of haircuts and styling. Hair-cutting education is paramount to us, and if you are ready for a change -- we are here for you!

As far as a wig, you can purchase the inexpensive variety on Amazon, possibly made of synthetic hair. Wear the wig for a week, if you love your new look, then you are ready for a change!

Remember, at our salon, not only are we experts with haircutting, but we are also experts with hair extensions. Keep in mind, you need at least 4 inches of hair to cover hair extensions, and to create a natural blend. If your hair is on the thick side, then it is best to have five to six inches of hair.